Education Demos for Customers and Partners: Captivate

I’ve been thinking about how to build some ‘canned’ demos that we can make available to our partners to help them sell some of Adobe’s less traditional products such as Captivate, Presenter and Connect. I’m indebted to Steve Burnard who has created the first of these examples for me. Via the attached link you will find a .zip file. Download the file and extract the .exe from the package. Now double click to run. At first sight it appears to be a PowerPoint presentations of Adobe in Education, but then the clever stuff starts in slide 8.

Steve has used Captivate to show how Adobe Presenter can add a quiz to a learning resource. All the steps are clearly tagged so that the resource becomes a training tool as well as a demo. Slide 9 shows how to add a video.

So, if you like the look of this demo and think that others would be useful, why not let me know and we’ll see what else Steve can come up with. Feel free to share this resource with your colleagues and customers.*cCiw

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