Create Engaging Learning Resources with Adobe Captivate

 How Adobe Captivate 5 can help Teachers and ICT Coordinators create engaging resources for Students and Educators?

 Today’s students are immersed in an always connected, online world of digital content whether at school, home or socially with their friends.

 The challenge for educational institutions with limited resources is the creation of compelling content that engages the learner without huge costs in time and effort. How can that be done with the minimum of effort whilst supporting educational standards and the multiplicity of devices and form factors available today and tomorrow?

 The answer is Adobe Captivate 5.

 Schools and colleges are increasingly realising that bringing this kind of technology into the classroom can inspire students, making learning more fun, engaging and inspiring. With Adobe Captivate 5, it’s possible for educators, designers, teachers and professors to quickly create media-rich content without the need for any special technical skills or training. Why would the digital generation settle for anything less?

The link below will take you to a customer ready PDF describing how Captivate can be used by educators to create rich, engaging, standards-based content.

Captivate Article

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