ePortfolios: Acrobat in Secondary Education

Managing the amount of data and information in today’s digital age, is a challenge for students and educators alike. Acrobat is the perfect tool to create and amanage a digital ePortfolio. Take a look at this customer showcase:

High schools across the country enhance curricula to meet the demands of 21st-century learning and skills development using Adobe Acrobat Pro and ePortfolios

Unlike students in previous decades whose work consisted primarily of written papers and paper-based graded exams, today’s high school students are expected to possess a set of skills that enables them to collaborate and communicate using a variety of media. They need to be adept at completing engaging multimedia projects and be prepared to compete in an increasingly technology-dependent, visually driven society.

In addition, educators today need effective ways to monitor and assess students’ ongoing progress in the classroom and enable them to take a more hands-on approach to student learning. With a focus on formative, classroom-based assessment for learning, teachers, administrators, and parents can improve student achievement and better prepare them for success after high school.

“Our job as educators is to prepare our students to succeed, regardless of what path they choose. With Adobe Acrobat Pro and ePortfolios, students leave our program with an array of skills — and a compelling, dynamic portfolio to prove it.”

Dena Wilson
Graphics design teacher
Denton ISD, Texas

To meet these demands, teachers and administrators are challenged to create well-rounded, interdisciplinary academic programs that use the latest technologies to help students in all areas of academic study develop 21st century skills they can use in pursuits after high school. High schools across the country have begun adapting and modifying their curricula to offer an array of courses to help students create expressive, dynamic multimedia presentations to communicate what they’ve learned.


  • Enabled ongoing monitoring of educational progress and peer-to-peer reviews
  • Helped students create professional-grade portfolios to use in college admissions or job interviews
  • Enhanced school curricula to address evolving skill requirements
  • Strengthened students’ abilities to communicate across a variety of media

The full showcase can be found at:



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