Supporting Creativity in Schools and Colleges

It seems that the message of ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ is starting to resonate across the sector. Education Business has just published an article in preparation for BETT. In fact this would make a good communication for your customers to let them know what’s happening on the Adobe stand this year.

This year’s Adobe stand, located in the National Hall stand K40, will offer visitors the opportunity to learn from leading educators and attend master classes on Adobe software to enhance learning across the curriculum.

CS5 Master CollectionLearn about how Adobe is supporting creativity in schools and colleges
Recent research commissioned by Adobe, as part of its ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ report, shows that whilst 77% of employers and university lecturers place a high value on creativity skills in school leavers, alarmingly, only 4% of employers and 10% of lecturers feel they see strong creativity skills displayed in interviewees. Of those surveyed, 66% feel schools should be doing more to encourage creative approaches to work in their students. The report showed that many believed, if used correctly, ICT could help encourage better creativity skills in students. 

Adobe is working closely with educational institutions to help champion creativity in schools and believes that when used in the right way, technology can enable educators to prepare students for success by giving them the skills they need to express and share their ideas in compelling and engaging ways.

At BETT 2011, Adobe will be launching a new teaching toolkit to help teachers inject more creativity into their lessons, as well as provide them with advice and guidance on how technology can help.

To find out more about Adobe’s research and read the report in full, go to

In addition, Adobe will be running best practice sessions on its stand every 30 minutes, which will be led by teachers from the Adobe Education Leader programme.  These teachers promote excellence in education throughout the UK by integrating Adobe tools and applications into every day lessons. 

Try the software for yourself
Workstations will be set up on the Adobe stand, where visitors will have the chance to try Adobe tools and applications out for themselves and learn how they are being used in the classroom. This will include;

Adobe Creative Suite 5 –this software enables students and teachers to easily create print, web, video, audio and mobile content and incorporate it into lessons, as well as their wider careers. 

The package includes a number of exciting programmes, including

  • Adobe Photoshop, which students use to edit photos, vector-based graphics and video
  • Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver which students use to design and build websites, including how to write and edit code
  • Adobe InDesign which allows students to create professional looking publishing documents, such as newspapers and magazines, for print, online and mobile

Adobe eLearning Solutions

  • Adobe Connect – web conferencing software that allows the streaming of video, audio, and interactive content in a live, virtual classroom. Adobe’s Education Leaders use this tool to hold virtual assemblies, and to bring industry experts, such as artists and designers, and other schools from around the world, into a classroom virtually.
  • Adobe Captivate –allows educators to rapidly create and easily maintain rich eLearning content & interactive course materials for delivery across any virtual learning environment.

Adobe School Collection
Comprising of Photoshop Elements 9 & Adobe Premiere Elements Adobe. This low-cost entry level software enables teachers to empower students, to express and showcase what they are learning through photo, video, audio and interactive multimedia projects across the curriculum.

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