Adobe TV

Wow ……. what a great resource this is!

Hidden away there is a goldmine of resources for students and educators, many of which have been developed specifically for Education by Adobe Education Leaders (AELs). Please encourage your customers to review the wealth of material at:

As an example there is a set of resources for Higher Education. Resources range from the value of CS5 in Education to the use of specific products such as Production Premium or Acrobat. Direct your customers to:

The video clipos are typically very short; a few minutes at most. They cover all aspects of using Adobe products, so a bit like YouTube you can always find that ‘how to’ instruction somewhere on Adobe TV. So if you want to find resources by product, go to channels at:

Here you can navigate directly to K-12 or HE resources; alternatively Web Design or Photo Editing. Why not include a link to Adobe TV on your web site and promote these resources in your next customer newsletter?

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