Omniture: Why use it in HE/FE?

When you understand what Omniture does the answer to the question is fairly obvious, especially in these days of tight budgets and the need to attract and retain students. here is a case study from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia explaining how they used Omniture to increase their online submissions; thereby attracting and retaining the best students – a competitive edge.

Murdoch University Success Story

Here’s an extract ……………..

One of Australia’s leading research institutions, Murdoch University wanted to relaunch its brand, including rebuilding its main website designed to communicate with multiple audiences. The university implemented the Adobe Online Marketing Suite as a solution for its online acquisition, analytics, and conversion efforts.

Leading research university increases online applications by 28% with a targeted campaign microsite


Murdoch University had a core online focus on improving the user experience of its website, including the relevance of its content, which would in turn yield greater conversion and increase submitted online applications from prospective students. However, Murdoch not only had to focus on making content to various external audiences relevant, it also needed to ensure that staff and student-focused content was easily accessible and digestible. “Like many Universities, we have hundreds of sites structured organisationally with varied branding and an inconsistent user experience. Part of our strategy is to move to a main external facing site, and a main internal facing site, that serve our vast pool of visitors in a more coherent fashion,” explains Tim Elleston, senior eBusiness manager for Murdoch University. “We set out to acquire the best-in-class tools to help our online team efficiently analyse, understand and optimise the online content we delivered, all backed by a user-centric and best practice approach.”

After using Google Analytics, the university realized it needed a more robust and customizable analytics solution to get a clearer view of engagement, conversion, and abandonment. Understanding user behavior, where visitors were coming from, what they interacted with on the site, and from where and why they tended to leave was paramount to success. Finally, the online team wanted to improve its efficiency and responsiveness by having a single, fully integrated measurement platform for optimization, natural and paid search, campaign activity, testing, targeting, and email.


• Leveraged the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to gain a broader understanding of internal and external audience needs and to optimize content by audience

• Worked with Adobe SiteCatalyst and Discover for real-time analytical insight into visitor activity across the entire online presence

• Selected Adobe Test&Target to modify and target content to distinct audience segments and Adobe SearchCenter + to increase return on ad spending and paid search campaign performance

• Implemented an Adobe Genesis integration with marketing email provider ExactTarget to optimize and target email content


• Increased seasonal campaign online application submission rates by 28% through testing and optimization of microsite content

• Improved content relevance and conversion after targeting home page content to visitors based on category affinity and previous site visits

• Streamlined marketing efficiency through better informed online content decisions

• Targeted reengagement messaging to prospective graduate students who had previously started an online university application without completing it, which converted 34% of these prospects

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