ePortfolios? You Need Acrobat X

ePortfolios remain a major requirement for students of all ages. There are some specialist providers that develop ePortfolio solutions, but one of the big problems is portability …… how do you take your ePortfolio with you from one institution to another?

Acrobat X is ideal as a student ePortfolio. Not only does it support a multitude of different file types – video, audio, web sites/links, office documents, etc – and allow users to organise and structure their content, but it all gets wrapped up into a single, portable PDF file that is industry standard and usable on devices from PCs to Netbooks, mobile phones and almost every device imaginable.

The site below has 5 sample ePortfolios that can be downloaded and shown to customers:

  • High School Student
  • Marine Biology Professor
  • College Administrator
  • Biology Student
  • Design School Student


There is also a whitepaper on the use of ePortfolios to demonstrate growth and assess learning.


So, Acrobat X is more than PDF …… the workflows support school administration to improve efficiency and cut costs, whilst ePortfolios provide a flexible and portable tool for students and educators to create a permanent record of their achievements that can accompany them wherever they go, regardless of device or environment.


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