Licensing Downgrade Rights

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. Can I downgrade to a previous version and how do I do it? Here’s all you need to know.

Adobe Volume Licensing customers who wish to use a prior version of an Adobe software product may purchase software for the prior version via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) from the Licensing Web Site (LWS) (

Prior Version Software and Backwards Licensing

Backwards Licensing

Backwards Licensing is an Adobe Volume Licensing policy that allows TLP & CLP Customers to purchase a current version license of an Adobe Software product but use a prior version, typically due to standardization of workflows or system limitations. Although Adobe allows for the use of a prior version through the purchase of a current license, obtaining the software media is not a component of the Backwards Licensing policy.

Prior Version ESD (PV-ESD)

For customers who wish to obtain software for a prior version due to backwards licensing or otherwise, Adobe will offer software for electronic download for one version back of all titles and languages that were originally made available via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). Prior version ESD SKUs are available on the Adobe TLP and CLP price lists after a new version has been released. The price list will always contain the prior version ESD SKUs (if that product version was originally offered via ESD).

Orders for prior version software should be placed via Adobe Authorized Resellers, Distributors and Adobe License Centers (ALCs). Customers must purchase an equivalent number of current version licenses in order to receive Prior Version ESD.

Serial Numbers

Customers requiring a serial number for their prior version software should be instructed to contact Customer Service. In most instances, Serial numbers will be provided to customers and they will be reflected in LWS within 2-3 business days.


Q. How do I place an order for a prior version? Adobe Systems Incorporated Prior Version Electronic Software Download Channel Version 3.0 Page 3 of 3

A. If the customer needs the software only, refer to the most current TLP or CLP price list and locate the appropriate ESD sku. The order should then be placed like any other typical order. If the customer also needs a current version license, place an order for the current version license in the applicable licensing program (TLP or CLP).

Q. Where do I find the prior version ESD SKUs to order?

A. On the regular Adobe TLP or CLP price lists. Prior Version ESD SKUs are just regular ESD SKUs for the prior version.

Q. Will the customer receive an LWS order confirmation that includes the Prior Version ESD order?

A. Yes, the customer will receive an order confirmation e-mail for their Prior Version ESD SKU just like they normally would for any other order.

Q. How many versions back can I order Prior Version ESD SKUs?

A. Prior Version ESD SKUs will be available for only one version back at any given point in time. For example, when Acrobat X Pro releases, Acrobat 9 Pro ESD will be available as the Prior Version and Acrobat 8 ESD skus will be removed from the price lists.

Q. If I have a problem with a PV ESD order, who should I contact?

A. PV-ESD orders will be placed just like any other order. Contact your Order Management representative for basic problems related to the order.

Q. My customer needs a serial number for the prior version software, who do they need to contact?

A. Customer Service.

Q. Will Prior Version ESD purchases be eligible for any Licensing Upgrade Entitlements?

A. No, Prior Version ESD orders will not be eligible for any Licensing Upgrade Entitlements because they are essentially media skus and not licenses.

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