Switching to Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5

With the recent release of Final Cut Pro and the loss of many features, there’s suddenly a great deal more interest in Premiere Pro. But is it easy to switch, and what are the reasons for doing so?

With Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 software, you can craft stories more efficiently, save time by integrating with Adobe After Effects,® Adobe Photoshop,® and Adobe Audition® software, edit virtually anything thanks to broad native file-based and DSLR camera support, and enjoy industry-leading 64-bit performance. Stepping up to the enhanced video editing power of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is now easier than ever.

Top 10 reasons to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro

1. Boost efficiency with unparalleled Adobe integration

2. Work more efficiently with file-based and DSLR footage



3. Get industry-leading performance and stability from Adobe Mercury Playback Engine


4. Create Blu-ray discs with motion and multipage menus



5. Collaborate more easily thanks to cross-platform, open workflows


6. Streamline encoding with the revamped Adobe Media Encoder


7. Achieve superior color fidelity


8. Gain editing and production efficiencies from powerful new metadata features


9. Perform 3D editing in real time


10. Improve your production workflow with direct-to-disk recording and onset monitoring