Muse (Code Name)

Adobe’s new website creation tool allows designers to create websites without writing code.

On Monday Adobe announced the public beta of Muse (code name), software that enables graphic designers to design and publish professional, unique HTML websites without writing code or working within restrictive templates. Muse leverages the latest web standards including HTML5 and CSS3, where browser support exists, and combines precise design and creative freedom with innovative frameworks for adding navigation, widgets and HTML to include advanced interactivity on a site.

Built for Graphic Designers

Muse was built with print-designers in mind – designers who spend 80–100 percent of their time expressing ideas that end up in print – and have likely never built a website in their career. 

Early feedback has also uncovered interest from cross-media and web designers, who have expressed excitement at the prospect of easily laying out a website (akin to page layout in InDesign) without having to use code. 

Great customer response

If the response received by the private pre-release community is anything to go by, Muse is going to be a hit! One customer was quoted as saying, “Where has this been all my web life? Seriously!”

Similarly, a favorite quote from a press briefing was “I have to raise an objection. Kids today they won’t know how we had to walk 10 miles in the snow.”

“The ability to build websites as easily as laying out a page in InDesign is one of the most popular requests from our design customers,” says Lea Hickman, vice president of Design and Web product management at Adobe. “Those who have tested Muse are thrilled that something this intuitive yet powerful is now available.”

The goal for the beta was to have one million designers see, hear or read about Muse – in turn driving 10,000 downloads over the six month beta period. Since the announcement on Monday, almost a quarter of a million people have already visited the website and 110,000 have downloaded the beta!


The Muse beta is currently available in English, for download and use worldwide (with the exception of embargoed countries). Watch for a couple of updates before the end of the year. Version 1.0 will ship in FY’Q1 2012 in multiple languages.  

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