Academy Update – September

The momentum in the Academy programme continues. Here is the latest data from the DfE website at:

As of 1 September 2011 there are 1,300 academies open in England, including 12 special academies. These Academies are listed in the All open academies spreadsheet available to download from the associated resources section of this page. This information will be updated once a month.

The location of open academies can also be seen on the academies map where you can click into areas and then view details for each academy.

The Publication list spreadsheet, also available to download, shows details of schools which have formally applied for academy status and progress towards conversion, including all academies that have opened in the academic year 2011/12.

This information will also be updated monthly as more academies open.

To put these fugures into context, the majority of open academies are secondary schools and the UK has approx. 4,000 in total. So, the 1300 Academies represent nearly 1/3 of the secondary school population with many more institutions having made applications.

The other significant development is that of Free Schools. These represent a much smaller number than Academies, but nevetheless represent a significant change in education provision within the UK.

24 Free Schools opened in September 2011 as can be seen from the interactive map:

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