Acrobat X and Microsoft Office

These two products are the perfect complement to each other. Not only is there close integration be tween Acrobat and Office 2010, it extends to SharePoint and therefore many educational learning platforms across the UK.

There are a whole set of resources and examples of how the products work together at: For example:

Easily exchange information with partners, suppliers and customers

With Acrobat X software, you can create PDF files from any Microsoft applications with print functionality – including one-button PDF file creation from Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Protect your documents from being printed, edited or saved

Add Acrobat X to your Microsoft platform and you’ll be able to safeguard any PDF document by restricting what recipients can do – including printing, modifying and reusing content – and setting passwords to open PDF files.

Help your teams deliver more engaging communications

Combine and unify different document and content types – including those from all Office 2010 applications – into a single Acrobat X PDF file or customised, professionally designed PDF Portfolio.

There are some great documents (PDF of course) avaiable to help get the most out of Acrobat X. There is even a detailed ‘how to’ tutorial with step-by-step guidance.

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