New: Connect Videos

The Connect team has recently completed two new Adobe Connect videos: 1) an introductory video and 2) a new customer video showcasing SYNQ Studios. Here’s more info on both:

 New Adobe Connect Introductory Video: in this fast-moving five minute video, we provide a quick introduction to Adobe Connect.  Key Adobe Connect capabilities are shown throughout – including: highly interactive meeting environments, rich content sharing, exceptional mobile functionality, high definition video, persistent meeting rooms, interactive recordings, integration capabilities, security capabilities, and so on. The video also highlights market validation including PCMagazine’s “Editors’ Choice” Award as well as Forrester’s mention that Adobe provides the “best user experience.” Also included are mini-testimonials from several customers, including a senior executive from Xerox stating that Adobe Connect is “a game changer.”  

Customers and partners can find the videos on YouTube and AdobeTV (note that AdobeTV puts a 15 second ad in front of the video, so we would suggest using YouTube in the near term). We will also be going live with the video on our Adobe Connect homepage within the next week or so – that’ll be the ideal place to view the videos and catch all the latest Connect information. 

New Customer Video – SYNQ Studios: SYNQ Studios is a major motion picture visual effects and animation company located in Miami that has worked on a variety of top films for Hollywood. They used Adobe Connect at live event in Cairo this past spring as a way of delivering a rich, interactive webinar experience to remote attendees – thus significantly increasing their overall reach and providing attendees with an amazing experience. This video is available on the Adobe Connect website (first video on the left) and Adobe TV (runs after 15 second ad); we’ll be placing it on YouTube as well.

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