Education Resources for CS6

With the announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud, the Adobe Education Exchange is brimming with great new content produced by Adobe, Adobe Education Leaders, and other contributors. Much of this content is featured on a special page dedicated to CS6 for easy access. With CS6 and the supporting resources, you can be fully equipped to engage students in learning, unleash creativity, and prepare them for career success.

The materials cover an assortment of CS6 products and topics. For example, here is a video overview of the Mobile Content Simulator:  Flash Professional CS6

Rich, topical content like this is typical of what you will find in the Education Exchange. Here are some others:

 There are also a variety of product-focused  technical guides to quickly get up to speed on how to use CS6 and links to other great content surrounding this new collection of professional software.

All you need to join the Education Exchange is a free Adobe ID. Anyone can contribute.

A few highlights of what we launched yesterday:

  • Adobe Digital Careers CS6 curriculum – 3 year-long, project based curriculums for design, web, and video, updated to include new CS6 features.
    • We produced 3 curriculums with a total of 25 projects and 289 technical guides, presentations, and asset files. There is also a British English/A4 paper size version of each document in the curriculums.
    • The Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design curriculum was completely rewritten with new projects that align with HTML5 and CSS3 web standards and a new focus for using Flash for game design and mobile application design and development. 
  • Learn CS6 guides – brand new for this year, we removed the technical guides from the curriculums and repackaged them for educators to learn how to use CS6 or for educators to use in developing their own curriculum. This is a simple, but extremely important way to support a larger constituency, including self-learners (particularly Higher Education faculty) and software training programs. Think of each of these as a mini-Classroom in a Book that is free!
  • Adobe TV CS6 shows – new video tutorial shows that align to our CS6 curriculum have been launched and will continue to be updated as more CS6 content becomes available on Adobe TV. 
  • Tutorials from our Adobe Education Leaders – many of our AELs stepped up to the plate to create some amazing resources for CS6 and this content will be invaluable as we seek to get the broader AEE community involved in developing CS6 focused resources.