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BBC to use Adobe Project Primetime at the Olympics

Here’s a great endorsement of Adobe technologies, with the BBC’s adoption of Adobe “Primetime”.

The BBC to Use Primetime Highlights and Primetime Simulcast to Deliver Live Events Across Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets and Internet-Connected TVs

SAN JOSE, CA — July 26, 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is one of its first broadcast partners to use key components of Adobe’s Project “Primetime”to deliver live video streams and video-on-demand (VOD) content of the London Games across the Web and all major device types. “Primetime Simulcast” will allow the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics and major sports events to be simultaneously streamed on desktops, smartphones, tablets, and Internet-connected TVs to viewers across the U.K. With “Primetime Highlights”, video-on-demand (VOD) coverage of key sporting moments are quickly created as they happen and immediately published to desktops and connected devices.

Adobe’s Project Primetime is the industry’s first fully integrated video technology platform to deliver seamless viewing experiences for TV content via apps and browsers across all major platforms including Android and iOS. For more information visit the Digital Media blog.

“We are thrilled to see Project Primetime come to life at one of the most important sport events that brings the world together,” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president, Digital Media Business, Adobe®. “The BBC continues to push the boundaries when it comes to new technologies. With Primetime’s ability to reach almost every device including PCs, laptops, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones as well as connected TVs Adobe will help bring BBC’s coverage of the Olympics to the broadest possible audience.”

Primetime Simulcast leverages the latest Adobe Media Server technology to take live broadcast feeds of all sports competitions and simultaneously deliver them across devices via desktop Web browsers, mobile apps and browsers as well as Internet-connected TVs. Viewers will be able to watch the global sports event on tablets, smartphones and Internet-connected TVs for the first time in history.

Primetime Highlights enables the broadcaster to create and deliver VOD coverage of live events in real time using a single workflow that reaches their audience across multiple screens. VOD coverage can be delivered instantly – making content more timely and less expensive to produce to reach the widest audience in the U.K. Clips are offered across all major platforms including Android, iOS devices and Internet-connected TVs. Primetime Highlights enables a viewing experience that is smooth and comparable to traditional TV broadcasts.

Project Primetime
Project Primetime is the industry’s first fully integrated video technology platform to deliver seamless viewing experiences for ad-supported TV content across connected devices. Primetime empowers media companies to publish premium videos, insert ads and measure content across desktops, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs. Addressing the increasing challenges of device and platform fragmentation, Primetime delivers content more efficiently by offering a single, end-to-end workflow that interconnects Adobe’s core video publishing, advertising and analytics technologies. Major components of Primetime include Adobe Auditude®, the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe Access, Adobe Media Server, Adobe Pass and Primetime Highlights.

Primetime with full integration of all major components will be available in the second half of 2012 with support for Windows, Mac OS, Apple iOS, Google Android, Samsung SmartTVs and other platforms. Components of Primetime are available today as separate, individual products. Primetime is currently in trial with major broadcasters and media companies around the world

Adobe Launches eLearning Suite 6, Presenter 8

Here’s an important product release for the world of Education. Support for HTML5 as well as SCORM are both critical requirements for the creation of education learning resources.

Industry-Leading Authoring Suite Introduces HTML5-Based mLearning Support, Presenter Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint

SAN JOSE, Calif. — July 18, 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe® eLearning Suite 6, the company’s tightly integrated toolbox for rapidly creating professional-grade eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content. The suite enables eLearning professionals, educators and trainers to create immersive, interactive eLearning courses complete with simulations, product demos, digital imaging, rich animations and audio production. Anchored by Adobe Captivate® 6 and the new Adobe Presenter 8, Adobe eLearning Suite 6 includes several industry-leading titles including Adobe Flash® Professional CS6, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS6, Adobe Photoshop® CS6 Extended and Adobe Acrobat® X Pro.

“Today’s eLearning professionals, educators and trainers are dealing with a growing mobile population, platform fragmentation and the need to communicate through video,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing, Adobe. “As a result, efficiency in mobile authoring and delivery, and ease in video creation are among the top considerations when they select an authoring solution. Adobe eLearning Suite 6 delivers on both.”

Adobe eLearning Suite 6 enhances productivity with robust roundtripping workflows between Adobe Captivate and Adobe Audition® CS6, Adobe Flash Professional CS6, Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6 and Acrobat X Pro. For example, users can open Adobe Captivate files in Adobe Audition CS6 to quickly adjust speech pitch and alignment or Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6 to retouch images and create 3D graphics. Prebuilt native extensions with Adobe Flash Professional CS6 enable users to generate sprite sheets and more. With Acrobat X Pro users can embed Adobe Captivate movies into PDF documents and PDF portfolios, bringing text-based learning materials to life, and make the finished project accessible via Adobe Reader®.

Adobe Presenter 8
The new Adobe Presenter 8 empowers business professionals, trainers and educators to create video presentations right from the desktop, without the need for specialized equipment or training. With Adobe Presenter 8, users can streamline projects and lower costs of producing and editing videos with a single desktop solution. In addition, they are able to simultaneously capture slide presentations, webcam video and audio and dynamically mix components without a separate video editor. The intuitive interface makes it easy to edit and trim video, pan and zoom, adjust brightness and sharpness levels and enhance audio quality by reducing background noise. A host of video add-ons, including the ability to highlight select portions of a screen, insert annotations and apply text overlays, makes it easy to polish a presentation while the “Adobe Presenter to YouTube” feature allows users to publish a completed project with one click.

Adobe Captivate 6
Adobe Captivate 6 enhancements improve mobile access and boost learner engagement while ensuring effortless publishing to leading SCORM- and AICC-compliant Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as Moodle, Blackboard, Plateau, Saba and SumTotal. It introduces the ability to publish content as both SWF and HTML5, enabling learners to begin a course on their desktop, pause and later resume on a mobile device, including iOS and Android™ based tablets and smartphones. Users can also quickly create and edit HD-quality demos within the new “capture-as-a-video” workflow, insert videos in a picture-in-picture format and publish projects to YouTube – all within the same UI. A full library of out-of-the-box assets, improved Microsoft™ PowerPoint integration and enhanced quizzing capabilities complete the top new features in Adobe Captivate 6. For more information, please refer to the Adobe Captivate 6 press release and visit

Adobe Launches Technical Communication Suite 4

Here’s another example of Adobe’s commitment to HTML5 and publishing to a wide variety of form factors.

New Versions of Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp Power XML Workflows and HTML5 Publishing to Tablets and Smartphones

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Technical Communication Suite 4 software, the next generation of its single-source authoring and multi-device publishing toolkit for technical writers, help authors and instructional designers. The new version of Adobe’s industry-leading suite helps streamline the creation of popular standards-compliant technical content by leveraging native XML/Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) support. It also enables authors to make technical information widely accessible on iPad* and other tablets and smartphones by publishing to formats such as multiscreen HTML5, eBook and native mobile apps.

“Today’s consumers demand that technical content is easily consumable, interactive, searchable and available on-the-go – changing how content is created and delivered”

Adobe also introduced new versions of the suite’s core components: Adobe FrameMaker® 11, a powerful authoring and publishing solution for XML/DITA and unstructured technical content, and Adobe RoboHelp® 10, a user-friendly authoring and multiscreen HTML5 publishing solution for help systems, policies, procedures and professional knowledge bases. Adobe Illustrator® CS6, Adobe Captivate® 6, Adobe Presenter 8 and Adobe Acrobat® X Pro round out the suite, integrating powerful graphics editing, eLearning and demo creation as well as dynamic PDF functionalities.

“Today’s consumers demand that technical content is easily consumable, interactive, searchable and available on-the-go – changing how content is created and delivered,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing at Adobe. “Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 brings together the newest versions of Adobe’s best-in-class software to address these needs while providing a high return on investment and low cost of ownership.”

The latest release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 offers tight tooling integration to help streamline, simplify and accelerate content creation and delivery workflows in today’s multi-author, multi-reviewer environments. This results in shorter learning curves, lower training costs and higher adoption rates among technical communication professionals. Using the suite, organizations from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses can also track and analyze content usage and consumption patterns for continuous optimization.

Product Highlights

Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 integrates the latest versions of Adobe’s content creation tools to help users author, enrich, review, manage and publish** high-impact technical content. With Adobe Illustrator® CS6, Adobe Captivate® 6 and Adobe Presenter 8, users can publish engaging content with stunning graphics, 3D images, interactive demos and more. With Acrobat® X Pro, users can rapidly collaborate with review-capable PDF documents.

With Adobe FrameMaker 11, the leading authoring and publishing solution for XML/DITA and unstructured content, users can take advantage of lower transition costs and higher ROI for migration to XML. With Adobe FrameMaker 11, content creators can:

  • Natively author structured content using the new XML code view.
  • Enrich content with hotspots and enhanced 3D and video support.
  • Collaborate smarter and faster with PDF-based round trip reviews.
  • Manage content with out-of-the-box CMS integration.
  • Leverage the new Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 11, the server version of FrameMaker 11, to automate high-volume, high-quality publishing processes for the delivery of content to tablets, smartphones and desktops using formats such as multiscreen HTML5, PDF, eBook, mobile apps, WebHelp, CHM and Adobe AIR® Help.

Adobe RoboHelp 10 offers an easy-to-use authoring and multichannel, multiscreen HTML5 publishing solution to deliver help and policy content to web, mobile, desktop and print platforms. With RoboHelp 10 users can:

  • Deliver content to the iPad* and other tablets, smartphones† and desktops using output formats such as multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, CHM, AIR Help, PDF, eBook and native mobile apps.
  • Work in multi-author, multi-reviewer environments using collaboration and review features and native integration with Microsoft® SharePoint for faster time-to-market.
  • Personalize and optimize content for relevance and search to improve content adoption rates.
  • Develop context-sensitive help with a host of usability enhancements.


Bernard Aschwanden, president and owner, Publishing Smarter

  • “The powerful mix of tools in Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 helps our clients create the right content, for the right audience, in the right format, and deliver it at the right time. Adobe Technical Communication Suite enables content creation and distribution and reduces manual overhead. This is the way software should work.”

Joe Welinske, president, WritersUA

  • “Adobe RoboHelp 10 represents an important step in supporting the next generation of software applications. As more and more computing is done through mobile devices, it is vital to adjust the delivery of ‘Help’ content. The support of HTML5, Media Query, and Multiscreen output in RoboHelp 10 assists technical communication professionals in reaching their objectives.”

Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, Inc.

  • “Not all technical authors are the same. That’s why it’s hard to select a single authoring tool that meets the need of each and every contributor. Adobe FrameMaker 11 acknowledges this problem and provides a much-needed solution in its new role-based views approach. Customizable authoring experiences – XML Code View for power using code junkies, Author View for writers, and WYSIWYG view for those who need a simple, desktop publishing view of the content being produced. The new suite is a much-needed addition to the professional’s tool arsenal.”

State of Create

What are society’s value on creativity, how do people perceive creativity, what are the barriers to being creative and how does this impact on our education system? The State of Createreport reveals the high value people in the UK place on creativity. More than three quarters (78%) agree creativity is key to driving economic growth and 67% think that being creative is valuable to society. However, just a third (35%) feel they are living up to their creative potential.

78% of people in the UK think creativity is a key driver of economic growth

To see the full report and get more information on the state of creativity in the UK, take a look at our press room:

The findings of the report are really interesting:

  • 78% of people in the UK think creativity is a key driver of economic growth
  • 67% think that being creative is valuable to society
  • However, just a third (35%) feel they are living up to their creative potential
  • It reveals a Creativity Gap between UK businesses and society in terms of expectations to be creative and the barriers inhibiting creativity, which include:
    • Productivity vs. creativity: 80% feel there is an increasing pressure at work to be productive rather than creative
    • Playing it safe: 69% feel risk aversion stifles creativity and that ‘playing it safe’ is an easier route to go down
    • Lack of time: 46% feel they do not have enough time to create
    • The cost of creativity: 42% associate creativity with money and state that they cannot afford to be creative
    • Self-doubt: 31% feel they lack the confidence to be truly creative
  • Young people are considered more creative in society, but 61% of respondents feel that creativity is ‘stifled’ by the current education system and that more needs to be done to foster it.