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New Creative Cloud Features Available

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Membership continues to offer additional value as yet more new features are added to the product set. More enhancements are set to follow. For Education and Charity customers CCM offers a great way to spread the purchase cost, stay at the forefront of innovation and get many features that are not available for the perpetual licence product.

New Features for Illustrator Available Today; New Dreamweaver Features and Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition to Follow

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Aug. 28, 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a new set of Adobe® Illustrator® features exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud™ members. These new features come ahead of the September release of new Adobe Dreamweaver® features and the addition of the Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Delivering on the promise that Creative Cloud members will get early VIP access to new product features, today’s release improves productivity for designers and production artists needing fast and error-free production cycles when handing off files to colleagues, clients and service bureaus.

“When we launched Creative Cloud, we said that one of biggest benefits was early access to Adobe innovation,” said Jeff Veen, vice president of product management for Adobe Creative Cloud. “As soon as our engineering teams can finalize new features, like the ones we’re seeing for Illustrator today, we will release special Creative Cloud editions of our desktop software, only available to Adobe Creative Cloud members.”

New features in this Adobe Illustrator release include:

  • Package Files – a long-requested featurethat allows designers to automatically collect all the files used in an Illustrator project, including linked graphics and fonts, into a single folder helping make handoffs and sharing of projects more efficient and error-free.
  • Unembed Images – a new capability that enables production artists to quickly unembed images that have been embedded into an Illustrator file by other designers or customers, eliminating much wasted time in day-to-day production work.
  • Links Panel Enhancements – a new feature enhancement that allows users to access and track information on any artwork placed in an Illustrator file much quicker. What used to require multiple clicks to ensure all placed graphics meet necessary requirements for output is now surfaced up front.

Coming in September will also be the addition of the Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition for publishing brochures, portfolios and highly visual books as apps for Apple iPad, as well as the exclusive delivery to Creative Cloud members of new features for Adobe Dreamweaver. Adobe plans to release even more new innovation into Creative Cloud in the coming months.

Creative Cloud is a radical rethinking of the entire creative process and an industry-defining shift in creative expression and inspiration, where members can explore, create, publish and share their work across devices, the desktop and the Web.

Available today to customers in 36 countries and in multiple languages, pricing for Creative Cloud membership for individuals is US$49.99 per month based on annual membership and US$74.99 per month for month-to-month membership. Customers who own an individual license of any Creative Suite® edition or single product, version CS3 or later, are currently eligible for an annual membership price of just US$29.99 per month for their first year. Education pricing is also available. To learn more, visit

Now Available: Adobe Connect Mobile 2

Here’s a great new release of Connect for mobile devices:

We’re tremendously excited to announce that our latest version of Adobe Connect Mobile, version 2.0, is now available for iOS and Android devices!

With the realities of today’s business environments where employees and customers are on the move worldwide, it’s not practical to expect that opportunities to collaborate or train only arise while in the office or at a desk. An effective web conferencing solution needs to provide users with the flexibility to not just participate in meetings, but to fully host, collaborate, and drive meetings from their mobile device.  It needs to enable trainers to not just provide learner access from any device, but also deliver that training from a mobile device.

With this in mind, we bring you Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0, offering meeting hosts and participants complete confidence to engage in web meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms on the move using iOS or Android devices. We’ve extended many of the capabilities of previous releases with powerful new features, particularly on tablets. For example:

Complete meeting administration

In addition to existing hosting controls (begin/end meetings, manage attendance, manage attendee roles – Host, Presenter, or Participant, etc.), hosts can now fully control meeting recordings, audio conferencing, and video.

Share content from the cloud or device

Share presentations, videos, images and other content stored in your library in the cloud; in the image library; or on the device drive* itself (*Android).

Enhanced presentation controls and interactivity

In addition to existing presentation controls (presenting content, advancing slides, taking shared notes, running polls, etc.), hosts can now whiteboard with the tip of a finger, change layouts, and foster interaction with a range of emoticons.


Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 is now available for free download on iTunes Preview here, and the Google Play Store here.

The app supports the following devices and operating systems:


-               Devices: iPad, iPad2, iPad3; iPhone 4 and 4 S, iPod touch (3rd generation minimum recommended)

-               Supported OS versions: iOS 4.3.x, 5.x, or 6.x (5.x or higher recommended)


-               Devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1), Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1), ASUS Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab (7”) , Motorola Xoom, Motorola Xoom 2.

-               Supported OS versions:  2.2 and higher.

-               AIR Runtime required: 3.2 or higher

Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 is not yet available for BlackBerry Playbook, but please stay tuned for updates.  Our 1.7.5 version continues to be available here in BlackBerry App World.

For more information on Adobe Connect Mobile visit our Adobe Connect Mobile User Forum on We look forward to your thoughts—in comments, on Twitter @AdobeConnect, and on our mobile user forum.

Cheers and enjoy,

Randah McKinnie, Principal Product Manager

Life on Mars

Did you know that the Rover Curiosity streams live from planet Mars with Adobe Media Server and Amazon Web Services? It’s a great example of how Adobe technology is part of history in the making. If you want to know more and keep track of what is happening as the Rover Curiosity continues to explore Mars, then check out this blog:


Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Even though based on Star Trek, warp drive to enable interplanetary exploration won’t be invented until 2063, mankind is slowly continuing to explore at least its nearby planetary system, thanks to the smart engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

The historic landing of Mars rover Curiosity attracted a significant audience, which JPL streamed to hundred thousands of concurrent viewers with Adobe Media Server and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

NASA/JPL’s live video streaming architecture was developed on a combination of Adobe Flash Media Server, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances running the popular nginx caching tier, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53 for DNS management, and Amazon CloudFront for content delivery.


Olympics 2012: Adobe Project Primetime

 BBC: “The biggest broadcasting event in our 90 year history”

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 A blog post from the BBC Director General Mark Thompson has paid tribute to the Olympian efforts of everyone at the BBC who delivered what he calls “the biggest broadcasting event in our 90 year history” referring of course to the 2012 London Games.

As a publicly funded service, the BBC has delivered tremendous value to UK citizens, not only via traditional broadcast, but also through the delivery of the games online and across devices. Adobe, through elements of Adobe’s Project Primetime, is extremely proud of the role it played in helping the BBC deliver its outstanding Olympics coverage and of the deep partnerships formed with the BBC’s Future Media team.

Project Primetime from Adobe is a unified video platform that helps you achieve broadcast audience reach, lower operating costs, and boost revenue from ad sales. The technology solution delivers a TV-like viewing experience across platforms, including iOS and Android™, and on devices from desktops to tablets to Smart TVs. Project Primetime provides a single, end-to-end workflow that links Adobe streaming, digital rights management (DRM), ad serving, audience management, analytics, and optimization technologies.

The full blog article can be found at:

Information on Project Primetime can be found at: