Adobe for Academics

We often get asked about the availability of resources to support Educators in the classroom. To support the practical use of Adobe technologies we’ve launched a new microsite called Adobe for Academics. This collection of practical task-based tutorials is designed primarily for Higher Education and has two main goals:

  • Provide inspiration for practical ways faculty can use Adobe software on campus
  • Provide instruction to help faculty quickly accomplish key tasks with Adobe software
Here are some of the common questions we’ve been getting:
Q.  Who is the target audience for this site?

A.  The primary target audience is Higher Education faculty at non-core institutions. In some cases these tutorials will be useful to Higher Education students and Primary/Secondary school teachers.

Q.  What is included in each tutorial?

A.  Each tutorial has with a video or a PDF document that outlines the steps required to complete the tasks as well as sample assets that faculty can work with on their own.

Q.  How are the tutorials categorized?

A.  Each tutorial has an activity, discipline, and product associated with it. Activities are categories of tasks that faculty often need to do. Disciplines help faculty decide which tutorials are applicable to their field of study. Products help faculty identify what they can do with a particular piece of software.

Q.  Will the Adobe for Academics site be updated with new tutorials?

A.  Yes, we are rolling out new tutorials on a weekly basis in November and December and will continue to develop new tutorials in 2013.

Q.  If customers have ideas for tutorials that would be useful, who should I send them to?

A.  Please direct them to Matt Niemitz, Note that ideally, tutorials will be simple tasks that can be demonstrated in 10 minutes or less or 3-4 pages or less.

Q.  Why didn’t you weave this site into the Adobe Education Exchange?

A.  The Adobe Education Exchange (AEE) is currently being redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. When that project is finished, we will work to integrate this new site into the AEE. In the meantime, all tutorials will be posted to the AEE as resources.

Check out #Adobe for Academics from @AdobeEdu – inspiration and instruction for using Adobe software on campus

Check out #Adobe for Academics from @AdobeEdu – ideas and instruction to help you stand out on campus