NEW: Adobe Transalation Centre

Adobe has officially launched the Adobe Translation Center (ATC) at:

More than 30 Adobe products are now available for community translation and feedback, providing customers and fans all over the world the opportunity to contribute translations and translation-related input for our products and services.

ATC’s Key objectives:

  1. We want to provide our user community with a feedback mechanism for “Adobe languages”. These are languages currently shipping with our products. For those languages, we want the community to provide input and suggest better translations, so the quality of our product translations improves over time.
  1. We want to empower our users to contribute to new “community languages”. Community languages are languages not shipping with individual products. For those languages, community contributions may give us an indication (how many contributions? how fast?) which languages Adobe could consider for future product inclusion.

On ATC’s potential product and business impact, please read more at: on the Adobe Globalization blog.

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