Exclusive New Photoshop Features

More features. More reasons to join.

Become an Adobe Creative Cloud™ member, and get access to over a dozen exclusive, new Adobe Photoshop features for web, photography, design and more, including:

  1. Smart Objects. Now even smarter. Now, with Smart Object support for the Blur Gallery and Liquify effects, you can create photographic blurs – on stills and video – and reshape images non-destructively. Watch now: http://mail.adobe-direct.com/r?xTlTWWHEPJWHncEvWqvPcPc
  2. CSS support for improved web design. Export CSS code for text and objects and import colour swatches from HTML and CSS files to more easily design your websites. Watch now: http://mail.adobe-direct.com/r?xTlTWWHEPJvqWnEvWqvPcnT
  3. New possibilities in 3D. Now, you can use a 32-bit colour picker to create amazing glow effects, improved real-time previews of shadow effects, reflection roughness and refraction. Watch now: http://mail.adobe-direct.com/r?xTlTWWHEPJvqqqEvWqvPcTc

All the tools you use, always up to date.

As a Creative Cloud member, you’ll always have the latest releases of Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and the entire collection of Adobe Creative Suite® tools – in one perfect package. You can pick from membership plans available for individuals and teams.

Learn more: http://www.adobe.com/ie/products/creativecloud.html?trackingid=KDAEP