Creative Cloud for Teams Deployment Tools

Creative Cloud for Teams Deployment Tools 
Many Creative Cloud for teams customers  are looking for a way to leverage their existing infrastructure in order to deploy and manage the applications included in Creative Cloud for teams.

For customers requiring centralised deployment tools (those whose employees are prohibited from downloading and installing applications on their desktops), we are pleased to announce the following solution:

  • Effective immediately, use Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.1 – AAMEE – to easily package and deploy the Creative Suite 6 applications that come with Creative Cloud for teams. AAMEE is available today; for usage instructions, please see the Creative Cloud for teams IT Deployment Guide.
  • Seamlessly transition to the Creative Cloud Packager, a new IT deployment tool for Creative Cloud for teams, when it becomes available in April.

We now provide the ability for IT to centrally deploy Creative Cloud for teams across their organisation, or the ability for users to download the software on their own (once they have received a Creative Cloud for teams invitation from their administrator). For customers requiring centralised deployment, we’d like to encourage them to use AAMEE today; they can seamlessly switch to Creative Cloud Packager as soon as it is available in April.

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