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New: Adobe Digital School Collection

Here is a great new offering for Primary and Secondary schools that wish to introduce ‘Creativity in the Classroom’. Packed with features in licence packs of 50 and 100, the Digital School Collection is the perfect creativity solution.

On 1st December 2011 Adobe announces the latest edition of Digital School Collection (ADSC) for primary & secondary school students and educators, available for Windows and Mac OS.

 The bundle – which gives students, including those with learning disabilities, a way to visually express what they’ve learned across curriculum – includes the recently announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software, as well as Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Together, ADSC allows students to create projects and classroom presentations that include:

  • polished photos and photo books
  • compelling movies with professional-quality effects
  • media-rich documents and ePortfolios

To set teachers up for success, Adobe has published additional resources to deploy ADSC quickly and efficiently, including:

  • ready-to-use lesson plans, tutorials, tips and tricks and video lesson examples – all instantly available on the free Adobe Education Exchange

We also announce a new pricing model – Digital School Collection is now exclusively available as a 50- or 100-pack K-12 Site License through flexible Cumulative Licensing Program or Transactional Licensing Program plans, ensuring schools and districts can maximize their software budget through wide, cross-platform distributions. These site licenses also come with supporting resources for teaching 21st century skills and engaging students in cross-curricular learning through digital storytelling.

Acrobat X and Microsoft Office

These two products are the perfect complement to each other. Not only is there close integration be tween Acrobat and Office 2010, it extends to SharePoint and therefore many educational learning platforms across the UK.

There are a whole set of resources and examples of how the products work together at: For example:

Easily exchange information with partners, suppliers and customers

With Acrobat X software, you can create PDF files from any Microsoft applications with print functionality – including one-button PDF file creation from Outlook and Internet Explorer.

Protect your documents from being printed, edited or saved

Add Acrobat X to your Microsoft platform and you’ll be able to safeguard any PDF document by restricting what recipients can do – including printing, modifying and reusing content – and setting passwords to open PDF files.

Help your teams deliver more engaging communications

Combine and unify different document and content types – including those from all Office 2010 applications – into a single Acrobat X PDF file or customised, professionally designed PDF Portfolio.

There are some great documents (PDF of course) avaiable to help get the most out of Acrobat X. There is even a detailed ‘how to’ tutorial with step-by-step guidance.

ePortfolios? You Need Acrobat X

ePortfolios remain a major requirement for students of all ages. There are some specialist providers that develop ePortfolio solutions, but one of the big problems is portability …… how do you take your ePortfolio with you from one institution to another?

Acrobat X is ideal as a student ePortfolio. Not only does it support a multitude of different file types – video, audio, web sites/links, office documents, etc – and allow users to organise and structure their content, but it all gets wrapped up into a single, portable PDF file that is industry standard and usable on devices from PCs to Netbooks, mobile phones and almost every device imaginable.

The site below has 5 sample ePortfolios that can be downloaded and shown to customers:

  • High School Student
  • Marine Biology Professor
  • College Administrator
  • Biology Student
  • Design School Student

There is also a whitepaper on the use of ePortfolios to demonstrate growth and assess learning.

So, Acrobat X is more than PDF …… the workflows support school administration to improve efficiency and cut costs, whilst ePortfolios provide a flexible and portable tool for students and educators to create a permanent record of their achievements that can accompany them wherever they go, regardless of device or environment.

Quick Reference Guides: Captivate and Connect

We’ve just produced a new Captivate Quick Reference Guide to accompany the one for Connect. Captivate is hugely popular with customers that already use it and there is a site with product information and customer testimonials:

Here’s the Captivate 5 Quick Reference Guide to help sell into Education customers


In addition here’s a reminder of the Connect QRG and a link to the web site for Education specific information:

Connect Edu Quick Ref Guide

Finally, there’s education specific information on Creative Suite and Acrobat X. Here are the two web links:

CS5 =

Acrobat X =

ePortfolios: Acrobat in Secondary Education

Managing the amount of data and information in today’s digital age, is a challenge for students and educators alike. Acrobat is the perfect tool to create and amanage a digital ePortfolio. Take a look at this customer showcase:

High schools across the country enhance curricula to meet the demands of 21st-century learning and skills development using Adobe Acrobat Pro and ePortfolios

Unlike students in previous decades whose work consisted primarily of written papers and paper-based graded exams, today’s high school students are expected to possess a set of skills that enables them to collaborate and communicate using a variety of media. They need to be adept at completing engaging multimedia projects and be prepared to compete in an increasingly technology-dependent, visually driven society.

In addition, educators today need effective ways to monitor and assess students’ ongoing progress in the classroom and enable them to take a more hands-on approach to student learning. With a focus on formative, classroom-based assessment for learning, teachers, administrators, and parents can improve student achievement and better prepare them for success after high school.

“Our job as educators is to prepare our students to succeed, regardless of what path they choose. With Adobe Acrobat Pro and ePortfolios, students leave our program with an array of skills — and a compelling, dynamic portfolio to prove it.”

Dena Wilson
Graphics design teacher
Denton ISD, Texas

To meet these demands, teachers and administrators are challenged to create well-rounded, interdisciplinary academic programs that use the latest technologies to help students in all areas of academic study develop 21st century skills they can use in pursuits after high school. High schools across the country have begun adapting and modifying their curricula to offer an array of courses to help students create expressive, dynamic multimedia presentations to communicate what they’ve learned.


  • Enabled ongoing monitoring of educational progress and peer-to-peer reviews
  • Helped students create professional-grade portfolios to use in college admissions or job interviews
  • Enhanced school curricula to address evolving skill requirements
  • Strengthened students’ abilities to communicate across a variety of media

The full showcase can be found at:


Release: Acrobat X Solutions

There are some great new features in Acrobat X that are worthy of note for Education customers. here’s the official press release, but take a look at:

  • Adobe SendNow
  • Adobe CreatePDF
  • Adobe Reader X
    • Highlighter
    • Stick Notes
    • Protected mode security
    • Android, Windows 7 and Blacberry Tablet OS mobile support

SAN JOSE, Calif., — Nov. 15, 2010 Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe® Acrobat® X solutions – Adobe Acrobat X, as well as new document exchange services at – that let professionals innovate, create and share higher-quality content, driving tighter collaboration and productivity across teams in today’s dynamic business environments.

“Acrobat X addresses today’s critical challenge of communicating and collaborating with widely dispersed teams of colleagues, partners and customers in a compelling way,” said Kevin M. Lynch, vice president and general manager of Acrobat, Digital Enterprise Solutions Group, Adobe. “Our new services tackle the need to have access to, exchange, retrieve and view documents reliably from anywhere.”

Acrobat X is already garnering an enthusiastic response from long-term and first-time users in segments including financial services, government, legal, education, marketing, architecture and engineering.

“Acrobat X is going to be the most critical document tool we have across all of our business areas. We can clearly see how the new features and intuitive user interface will make our staff more efficient, and ultimately save our business and customers time and money,” said Kevin Wedman, national vice president and chief building officer, Bureau Veritas, a leading global engineering consulting firm.

Using new guided Actions, Acrobat X software users can automate routine, multi-step tasks and easily share them with coworkers and collaborators, reducing the burden of training. With the new layouts, visual themes and color palettes in PDF Portfolios, business professionals can change how users view, think and interact with content and its context. With the new Acrobat X Suite, users can maximize the power of Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Acrobat to capture, edit and combine digital content right from the desktop and easily create dynamic communications. New Microsoft® SharePoint integration enables consistency of Adobe PDF documents across the enterprise; users can check-in and check-out PDF files for reviewing and editing shared documents. A streamlined process lets large organizations deploy, configure and manage updates and conform to ISO standards, in both Adobe Reader® X and Acrobat X, including support for Microsoft SCCM and SCUP.

“PDF Portfolios are essential to our collaborative processes,” said Patrick Lennon, print and publishing officer, Tourism Ireland. “With Adobe Acrobat X Pro, we can use the Portfolio Wizard to easily incorporate rich media into a single, more secure PDF for streamlined review. It offers an engaging visual experience that makes presentations clearer, more lively, and interactive.”

“Acrobat X offers an array of advanced features that lets me provide students richer, more robust feedback. In addition to using more refined commenting and mark-up tools, I can record verbal feedback and drop the audio file right into the student’s project in PDF for more precise and extensive review,” said John Ittelson, professor emeritus of information technology and communications, California State University, Monterey Bay.

Adobe SendNow is a valuable new document exchange service now available that lets users send, download, track and manage documents. Users can upload files from a Web browser or directly from the share pane in Adobe Reader X.

With just a few simple clicks from a central dashboard, users can send large files from their computer to one or many recipients, view files that they’ve sent off, track, see when and to whom they were sent, get delivery receipts, and watch for files that have been sent to them. With Adobe SendNow, users avoid e-mail gateway issues, complicated FTP servers, or the costs of expensive overnight mail.

Adobe CreatePDF is a new service for easy, online PDF creation from any desktop computer. Adobe CreatePDF has been designed to simplify the process of turning files into high quality PDF documents, while allowing users to do more than before. Besides converting Microsoft Office documents, images and other supported files into an Adobe PDF from a Web browser, users can combine documents into a single PDF file, and if they are using Microsoft Windows®, install a special printer driver that will allow them to create a PDF file online from any application that can print.

Adobe Reader X includes commenting with Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools so that anyone can add comments directly on a PDF document for free. PDF access has been expanded to mobile devices with free Adobe Reader X for Android, Windows® Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS, coming soon. Safer viewing of PDF files is available with new Protected Mode security capabilities in Reader X. A new Share pane in Reader X provides a connection to the online Adobe CreatePDF service, making it easy to create a document that others will be able to view consistently.

Partner Resources: Connect Rooms

Liz Wilkins has done a great job setting up Connect Rooms for key products and even BETT. We’ll keep these resources up-to-date as we get new material, so keep checking out the following:

Acrobat X: - Password = XEdu

Connect 8: - Password = ChannelPartner

Adobe School Collection: - Password = ChannelPartner

BETT 2011: - no password

Acrobat X in Education

The New Acrobat X is finally here! Acrobat X image

What can it do for education? That’s a good question as many customers are not aware of the benefits Acrobat can bring to educators, students and institutions. Here are a few ideas:


  • Streamline administration and management using forms
  • Reduce cost and time by automating regular tasks e.g. risk assessments, resource requests, IT call logs
  • Archive older documents in an industry standard format
  • Create multimedia documents and distribute in a single, ubiquitous format
  • Integrate with SharePoint and the institutional Learning Platform


  • Streamline curriculum adminsitration and management
  • Create materials for use within the institutions Learning Management System
  • Share student ePortfolios between institutions and departments
  • Increase productivity leaving more time for teaching and learning


  • Create a rich multimedia ePortfolio
  • Create, collaborate and share with fellow students
  • Transport achievements and personal records between institutions in a standards based format

Here is a quick list of new and improved features:

New user interface

  • The Interface tool pane brings top user needs out front
  • Customizable Tool Bar
  • Tools Pane reveals most useful tools to improve productivity
  • Tools and Tasks are easier to access
  • HUD display provides more real estate for viewing

Amazing document repurposing

  • New export options allow for Word and Excel options including headers, footers, and worksheets
  • New scanning engine improves accuracy and file size
  • Efficient tagging and reflow ensure viewing and access on a variety of screens

A more versatile collaboration environment

  • Commenting tools are in a convenient location in UI
  • Markup extends to video and 3D in composite PDFs
  • Reader X users can use sticky notes and highlight tools
  • SharePoint is fully supported so PDFs can be checked in and out  as well as part of an Acrobat workflow.

The next generation of PDF Portfolios

  • New Portfolio environment  built on Flex 4
  • New Support for Accessibility and MSAA compliant devices.
  • Easy to customize AX for user – background image, themes, header
  • Developers can create new layouts with plug-in for Flash Builder
  • Creatives can create new visual themes with Illustrator templates and Flash Pro
  • Allow addition of Web content including Embed Code for video to be viewed directly in Portfolio
  • Save PDF Portfolios as websites and placed on web for preview in browser before deciding to download.
  • Perfect compliment to LMS/CMS systems
  • Each PDF’s page can be previewed without opening actual document. When document is opened from portfolio, it is fully dynamic.

Guided Actions - Guided Actions are scriptable batch processes that can easily be made and shared so that groups of users can benefit from improved compliance and best practices

  • Great for group efficiency
  • Supports Java Script
  • Great to ensure best practices across the institution

Enterprise deployment for Windows and Macintosh environments.

  • Windows deployment is made easier with an improved customization wizard
  • Macintosh clients can now be deployed using the popular Remote Desktop application.

In the coming weeks check back for more previews including tips, tricks, and tutorials!

Also be sure to visit for the latest links to everything Acrobat.

Acrobat X for Education

Monday 18 October sees the launch of Acrobat X, but why would an Education customer be interested?

Firstly we need to consider the different education sectors – HE and Schools – so that Acrobat X can be positioned to best effect.

Higher and Further Education


Enhance campus productivity and collaboration.

25-word description

AdobeR AcrobatR X Pro software gives faculty, staff and students the ideal toolset – including mediarich PDF Portfolios and electronic forms – for enhancing campus productivity and collaboration.

50-word description

 AdobeR AcrobatR X Pro software gives faculty, staff and students the ideal toolset for enhancing campus productivity and collaboration. The PDF Portfolio feature makes it easy to combine a wide range of content – even video and interactive media – in a single, compressed package. With Acrobat X Pro, it’s also easy to create a paperless workflow with electronic forms.

100-word description

 AdobeR AcrobatR X Pro software gives faculty, staff and students the ideal toolset for enhancing campus productivity and collaboration. The PDF Portfolio feature makes it easy to combine a wide range of content – even video and interactive media – in a single, compressed package for sharing or distributing course material, research projects, proposals and student portfolios. With Acrobat X Pro, it’s also easy to create a paperless workflow with electronic forms that can be filled in by anyone using free Adobe Reader® software. New features in Acrobat X Pro – like Dynamic PDF capabilities and integration with Microsoft products – help users across campus streamline workflows.


Tagline  Enhance collaboration and workflows across the school and throughout the entire borough.

25-word description

Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software enables students and educators to bring together media of all types to easily and collaboratively create course materials, student ePortfolios and professional development content.50-word description

Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software enables students and educators to bring together rich media, web content, presentations and documents of all types. Students and faculty use real‐world collaboration techniques and workflows to easily assemble, create and modify engaging collections for course delivery, eLearning and student ePortfolios.

100-word description

Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro software enables students and educators to bring together rich media, web content, presentations and documents of all types. Students and faculty use real‐world collaboration techniques and workflows to easily assemble, create and modify engaging collections for course delivery, eLearning and student ePortfolios. The software’s PDF workflow – which enables review participants to see and build on one another’s comments – provides a highly collaborative environment for developing curriculum, interacting with students and communicating with parents. An ePortfolio created with Acrobat X Pro gives educators an organised and secure place for combining a student’s work and records. Similarly, ePortfolios help students organise and manage their own academic growth.

To get all the Acrobat X collateral go to our specially created Connect Room at:
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