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Adobe Applications for Education

We’re pleased to announce that we have published a unique resource – “Adobe Apps for Education” – that seeks to give our customers and partners an introduction to Adobe software applications, learn what they can create, and get inspired with ideas (and tutorials) for sample projects using these tools. Our Adobe Education Leaders asked us to create this and we have responded with what we hope will be an extremely useful resource.

This is a great resource to reference when you’re talking to customers about the benefits and uses of Adobe software in Education and when answering the question “How do I learn to use your software to create?”

The resource will be available exclusively on the Adobe Education Exchange and is published in three different formats (low resolution interactive PDF for the web, high resolution interactive PDF for the web, and print PDF).

Check it out here:

Here’s the low resolution version: Adobe_Apps_for_Education_lores

And, here’s an example of what you will find on the Education Exchange:

Creative Classroom Activities eSeminar Series – Image Editing Session

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 by Pip Cleaves

Session One of the Creative Classroom Series focussed on Image Editing. Our Presenters and the resources shared are listed below.

  1. Brett KentPhotoshop Basics – 05 What Does a Histogram Tell Us?
  2. Andrew Bleach…See more
 Session One of the Creative Classroom Series focussed on Image Editing. Our Presenters and the resources shared are listed below.

Professional Development: eSeminar Series

Take advantage of new PD opportunities.

Check out a new online course and an e-seminar series, both starting soon and both designed to help you ignite creativity in your classroom. Whether you have six weeks to devote to a course or 30 minutes for an e-seminar, there’s an opportunity here for you.

Digital Creativity in the Classroom course

This six-week online course allows educators to explore their own creativity, sharpen their skills and learn new techniques to inspire the next generation of creative minds. Educators will discover how to control digital images, create an artistic digital collage, piece together simple animations, produce short digital videos, and publish work on a website using the latest Adobe tools.

Digital Creativity in the Classroom course

Offered exclusively online September 29th, 2013 through November 16th, 2013.

Learn more >

Creative Classroom Activities e-seminar series

This six-week e-seminar series is designed for teachers who want quick ideas to re-create their classrooms. Join us weekly for a guided tour of some of the very best activities, lesson plans, and resources on the Adobe Education Exchange. Each week, you’ll meet two of the world’s most creative educators and learn how they use Adobe tools to unleash student creativity. Each thirty-minute session will equip you with new ideas you can use immediately in your teaching practice.

Learn more >

Creative Classroom Activities e-seminar series

Six weekly sessions start October 8, 2013 and finish November 12, 2013. Register for a single session or all six.

New: Adobe Education Exchange

Coming soon: The all-new Adobe Education Exchange

We’ll be pulling back the curtains on an all-new Adobe Education Exchange very soon. Get excited for an incredible community experience full of new features, functionality, and new ways to connect and collaborate with your peers. Stay tuned for much, much more information over the coming days.

There are over 75,000 members and over 4,200 resources so sign up now at:

Adobe Education Exchange – Awards

Announcing: The winners and their innovative teaching materials

Congratulations to the winners of The 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards, and thanks to all the Adobe Education Exchange members who voted, as well as the distinguished judges who selected the finalists. Check out the winning work from this year’s contest, and gain inspiration for using Adobe software in your teaching.

The Adobe® Educators’ Choice Awards celebrate teaching and learning resources that unleash students’ creativity. View the best projects, lesson plans, curricula, and tutorials from the 2012 Awards:


Primary and Secondary Education

Grand Prize Winner

Tagature, or Literary Graffiti, Randy Scherer


Powerhouse Poster Project, DAAD/Adam Schlosser

Digital Voices, Jamie Leduc

Higher Education

Grand Prize Winner

TYPE FACES: Beginning Graphic Design/Typography Project, Michael Cole


Crossover Project. William Morris Publication, Mark Deyoung

History and Philosophy of American Mass Communications: History Jeopardy, Kara Andrew


Creative Suite 6

Grand Prize Winner

Photoshop for Kids: Vignette My Video, Nicole Dalesio


Digital Publishing to the iPad using InDesign CS6, Jeff Larson

Create a Tilt and Roll Game using the Accelerometer Template in Flash CS6, Kristine Kopelke


Check out all the winning work, including Honorable Mention and Activity Challenge winners – View now


New Education Resources for Acrobat XI

With the release of Acrobat XI we’ve also published updated guides for using Adobe Acrobat XI. These guides, available on the Adobe Education Exchange, focus on four key areas:

  • Creating electronic portfolios
  • Using Acrobat as a digital assessment tool
  • Creating a lesson plan template by using Acrobat forms
  • Streamlining administrative productivity through features like Actions, FormCentral, document security, and signature processing

Creating Electronic Portfolios With Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Electronic portfolios are an ideal way for students to gather and showcase their work. In this guide, learn how to use Adobe Acrobat® software to help students create media-rich PDF ePortfolios and share their work with teachers, peers, and prospective employers.

Digital assessment with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

To evaluate digital coursework, you need enhanced assessment tools with capabilities for digital commenting and collaborative reviewing. Digital assessment is particularly appropriate for grading collections of projects or ePortfolios, yearlong projects, and multimedia projects. In this guide, learn how to use the commenting, markup, and collaborative reviewing capabilities in Acrobat to digitally assess your students’ coursework.

Digital assessment with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro >

Generating lesson plans with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Planning daily coursework for your students can be a daunting task. When you create forms in Acrobat, you automate lesson planning and save valuable time. In this guide, learn how to create custom lesson-plan forms with which you can quickly map out your teaching plan.

Generating lesson plans with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro >

Streamline administrative tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Moving from paper-based document processes to digital workflows reduces a huge amount of consumption, waste, pollution, and environmental impact. It also reduces cost, saves time, increases campus productivity, and promotes collaborative teaching. Administrators can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to efficiently, inexpensively, and more securely create and distribute content across the campus.

Streamlining administrative tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro >

Adobe Education Webinars

Adobe is offering three webinars in September and one in October:

  • Deep Dive — Adobe Connect™ with Presenter
    September 20 at 8 a.m. PDT and 3 p.m. PDT
    (Sept. 21 at 8 a.m., Sydney)
    Peter Ryce
  • Adobe Flash® Professional
    September 27 at 8 a.m. PDT and 3 p.m. PDT
    (Sept. 28 at 8 a.m., Sydney)
    Tom Nguyen
  • Adobe Acrobat
    October 18 at 8 a.m. PDT and 3 p.m. PDT
    (Oct. 19 at 8 a.m., Sydney)
    Steve Adler

Join the Education Exchange community to get automatically notified of these and other forthcoming events and webinars:

Adobe Education Exchange – June Update

The Adobe Education Exchnage has innovative ways to use CS6 software and focus on creative and engaging graphic design projects.


Creating a Style Guide with the Fireworks CS6 CSS Extractor Panel

Use this project example with basic step-by-step instructions to learn how to use the CSS Extractor panel. Create a style guide that one person or a team could use to keep track of colors, fonts, and other properties that need to go into the site’s CSS.
Learn more >

Graphic Design Scavenger Hunt

Check out this engaging activity where students find “graphic design things” in the world around them to help them see that graphic design is found in more places than they may think.
Learn more >

Adobe Edge Preview 6: Welcome Screen and Lessons Panel

Watch this video to learn about the new enhanced welcome screen and new Lessons Panel in Adobe Edge Preview 6.
Learn more >

Adobe Education Leaders

Mark Shufflebottom

Check out Mark’s wealth of tutorials and presentations and use them to teach your students how to use essential Photoshop and InDesign skills, as well as how to create and export HTML5 using Adobe Flash.
Learn more >

Rhonda Rhodes

Use Rhonda’s creative lesson plans to help your students learn about how music and images can illicit emotion and interpretation while teaching design principles, Photoshop skills, and how to construct digital portfolios.
Learn more >

Workshops and Training

Adobe CS6 Summer Virtual Workshop Series

Starting on June 5th (tomorrow!), join Adobe for a series of free CS6 summer workshops to prepare you for the new school year. You can attend any or all of the workshops and receive a professional development credit for each hour attended.
Register now >

Adobe & Your Voice

Point your students to a new Adobe TV show focused on helping students unleash their creativity and present their work in a way that helps them be seen, be heard, and stand out. Learn how to create a personal brand and package their work into portfolios for PDF, the web, print, and the iPad.
Start watching >


Education Resources for CS6

With the announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud, the Adobe Education Exchange is brimming with great new content produced by Adobe, Adobe Education Leaders, and other contributors. Much of this content is featured on a special page dedicated to CS6 for easy access. With CS6 and the supporting resources, you can be fully equipped to engage students in learning, unleash creativity, and prepare them for career success.

The materials cover an assortment of CS6 products and topics. For example, here is a video overview of the Mobile Content Simulator:  Flash Professional CS6

Rich, topical content like this is typical of what you will find in the Education Exchange. Here are some others:

 There are also a variety of product-focused  technical guides to quickly get up to speed on how to use CS6 and links to other great content surrounding this new collection of professional software.

All you need to join the Education Exchange is a free Adobe ID. Anyone can contribute.

A few highlights of what we launched yesterday:

  • Adobe Digital Careers CS6 curriculum – 3 year-long, project based curriculums for design, web, and video, updated to include new CS6 features.
    • We produced 3 curriculums with a total of 25 projects and 289 technical guides, presentations, and asset files. There is also a British English/A4 paper size version of each document in the curriculums.
    • The Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design curriculum was completely rewritten with new projects that align with HTML5 and CSS3 web standards and a new focus for using Flash for game design and mobile application design and development. 
  • Learn CS6 guides – brand new for this year, we removed the technical guides from the curriculums and repackaged them for educators to learn how to use CS6 or for educators to use in developing their own curriculum. This is a simple, but extremely important way to support a larger constituency, including self-learners (particularly Higher Education faculty) and software training programs. Think of each of these as a mini-Classroom in a Book that is free!
  • Adobe TV CS6 shows – new video tutorial shows that align to our CS6 curriculum have been launched and will continue to be updated as more CS6 content becomes available on Adobe TV. 
  • Tutorials from our Adobe Education Leaders – many of our AELs stepped up to the plate to create some amazing resources for CS6 and this content will be invaluable as we seek to get the broader AEE community involved in developing CS6 focused resources. 

Adobe Education Exchange: February Update

If you haven’t come across the Adobe Education Exchange yet, it is well worth taking a look. You will need to register, but it provides a wealth of resources and a unique insight into the use of Adobe technologies by Educators. Here are the latest topics talking about what’s new from Adobe:

This month, we’re featuring what’s new from Adobe. We have four new tutorials to help you learn how to use the brand new, still-in-preview product, Adobe Edge. We know you’re dying to find out what’s coming in Photoshop, so check out new sneak peek videos to find out. Submit a hidden gem tutorial to enter for a chance to be the Next Photoshop Evangelist and garner international acclaim. And, as we do every month, we highlight some of the innovative resources and educators that make the Adobe Education Exchange so special.


Music to Image

Use this inspiring lesson where students create an image, in Adobe Photoshop, based on a song or several songs. In the process they go through a variety of tutorials, work in groups, and learn to interpret their feelings and or memories into an image that is personal.
Learn more >

Adobe Edge Preview 4 tutorials

If you haven’t heard about Adobe Edge yet, now is the time to check out this new web motion and interaction design tool. View four new tutorials on using the latest Adobe Edge Preview to use web fonts and symbolscreate playback actions, and embed a composition.
Learn more >

Using Flash in the Science Classroom – “Animate to Educate”

Check out this project example that uses Adobe Flash as an integration tool in the science classroom. While learning Flash skills these students produced animations as part of a project that showcases their knowledge of a variety of science concepts.
Learn more >

Featured Members

Nicole Dalesio

Working with elementary students? Look no further than Nicole’s wealth of engaging and creative lessons and tutorials that integrate technology across the K-6 curriculum while using technology for creative purposes.
Learn more >

Eva LaMar

Check out Eva’s posts to help you make the most out of digital media projects. She offers fun ways to teach Adobe Photoshop, copyright citation best practices, as well as digital assets for projects.
Learn more >

What’s New?

Photoshop Sneak Peeks

Check out a new series of videos with sneak peeks of what’s coming in Photoshop.
Learn more >

Next Photoshop Evangelist Contest

We’re on the hunt for the Next Photoshop Evangelist! We’ve asked fans to submit a 2-minute video showcasing their favorite “Hidden Gem” in Photoshop CS5. The winner will receive a trip to Photoshop World, the opportunity to showcase their Hidden Gem live at the show, time with the product team, Creative Suite 5.5 Design Standard & more. The deadline for entries is March 5.
Learn more >

FAQ: Adobe Education Exchange

The Adobe Education Exchange is a hugely valuable resource for both customers and partners. The number of resources and community members have grown significantly with many resources availble for both HE and Schools. Join the community at:

Here’s a Q&A on all you need to know about the Exchange:

What is the Adobe Education Exchange?

The Adobe Education Exchange is a central location for educators to meet, share, discuss, and collaborate on topics of interest to the Adobe education community. Primary & Secondary School and Higher Education faculty and staff can share and view teaching and learning resources and learn from each other in this online community.

Who is it for?

The Education Exchange will benefit Primary & Secondary Schools teachers and instructional technology staff, Higher Education faculty and instructional technology staff, and curriculum and staff development specialists.

Why is Adobe launching the Education Exchange?

Adobe is launching the Adobe Education Exchange as part of its continued efforts to offer direct support for UK teachers and lecturers.

It will support teachers in meeting the growing needs of businesses calling for digital skills in their workforce, help schools respond to the Government’s digital agenda encouraging them to integrate smartphone app-design into courses and offer them guidance in light of the recent news that the Government plans to overhaul the IT curriculum.

What does it mean for educators?

The exchange will provide educators with practical resources and learning materials which will help them to prepare for the increasing demands of digital creativity in the classroom.

We recently conducted our own research which found that more than a third (35%) of teachers in the UK feel they need more training and support in order to be able to use technology effectively in their classes. Schools are experiencing profound budget cuts at the moment, which means they are not necessarily getting this training.

The Adobe Education Exchange will help by providing teachers and lecturers with an ongoing, and more importantly free, teaching and learning resources.

How do teachers and lecturers get involved?

Educators can register as a member for free, and then search for specific resources by subject, grade level, software product, and resource type. Educators can also share best practice, discuss and collaborate around topics of interest, and gain inspiration for using Adobe software in their own lessons in innovative ways.

What resources are available?

The Education Exchange offers free, educator-created, peer-reviewed teaching and learning resources such as lesson plans, individual and group project ideas, technical tutorials, assessment exercises, best practice advice and tips, background resources including recommended web links, presentations, project examples and templates for educators to work from.

The wide range of resources available will allow educators to use the Education Exchange to help them prepare for new courses and projects, and learn new skills enabling them to teach using Adobe software. Users can rate the resources on a 1 to 5 star scale, making it easy for other users to identify top resources and those most relevant to them.

As part of the launch in the UK, Adobe has been working with some key educators to provide curriculum resources to support the OCR ICT Nationals.

How do members share a resource?

The ‘share a resource’ page is the go-to place to share resources, and is open to all members.

What subject areas are covered?

  • Digital Arts and Media
  • Learning and collaboration
  • Mathematics
  • Business and Law
  • Science
  • Teacher Education
  • Social Studies/Humanities
  • Administration and Educational Practices
  • English, Languages and Arts

What other benefits do members receive?

As well as having access to all of the available resources and being able to receive both recognition for and feedback on their own teaching resources, members will be able to make use of free trial downloads, hundreds of free product extensions, community areas, members-only white papers and downloads, on-demand seminars and access to manage their activity in the Adobe Worldwide Store. The Adobe Education Exchange will also allow them to connect and collaborate with innovative educators in their field and start dialogues with other educators sharing similar interests, who can pass on best practice and suggest new methods for teaching and learning.

Is the Adobe Education Exchange available to people outside of the UK?

Yes, the exchange is split into regions, and includes specific regional sections for the United States & Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Educators are able to view, comment on, and rate resources in all regional groups. Members can search for resources within each region by navigating to the home page of the region of their choice.

What is the Adobe Education Leaders programme?

The Adobe Education Leaders Programme is a network of outstanding educators who inspire each other, share ideas, and collaborate. The program provides the leadership and professional development to help administrators and faculty think in new and creative ways. By expanding this we will continue to build this worthwhile community infrastructure to facilitate the sharing of best practice.