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Olympics 2012: Adobe Project Primetime

 BBC: “The biggest broadcasting event in our 90 year history”

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 A blog post from the BBC Director General Mark Thompson has paid tribute to the Olympian efforts of everyone at the BBC who delivered what he calls “the biggest broadcasting event in our 90 year history” referring of course to the 2012 London Games.

As a publicly funded service, the BBC has delivered tremendous value to UK citizens, not only via traditional broadcast, but also through the delivery of the games online and across devices. Adobe, through elements of Adobe’s Project Primetime, is extremely proud of the role it played in helping the BBC deliver its outstanding Olympics coverage and of the deep partnerships formed with the BBC’s Future Media team.

Project Primetime from Adobe is a unified video platform that helps you achieve broadcast audience reach, lower operating costs, and boost revenue from ad sales. The technology solution delivers a TV-like viewing experience across platforms, including iOS and Android™, and on devices from desktops to tablets to Smart TVs. Project Primetime provides a single, end-to-end workflow that links Adobe streaming, digital rights management (DRM), ad serving, audience management, analytics, and optimization technologies.

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