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Automatic Duck Tools for Free

Wes Plate is the founder of Automatic Duck and now the Adobe Broadcast Engineering Product Manager for film, tv and broadcast pipelines inside Production Premium.

 Adobe aquired Automatic Duck and made their engineering team part of the Broadcast  Open Workflow team. These plug-ins allow for FCP & Avid users to get their sequences out of FCP or Avid to Premiere Pro or After Effects.

The availability of these tools means that Adobe has a way to migrate ALL Apple FCP & Avid Media Composer timelines & sequences to Adobe’s Production Premium. The announcement from Wes Plate stated:

October 28, 2011

If you missed our mail last month you should check it out as it got a lot of people talking. Today we have a follow-up.

Our web site has relaunched* and while the overall look of the site is similar there is a dramatic difference in how we are distributing our plug-ins.

Starting today Pro Import AE, Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP (both versions, for FCP7 and FCPX) are available at no charge. You read this right. Free.

We are unable to provide support at the same level as we have over the years, but we didn’t want these plug-ins to go away while they remain useful. So if you can make use of these plug-ins in your projects, enjoy!

Thank you to all of our users, working with you for the last 10 1/2 years was a truly wonderful experience.

- Wes and Harry

The features avaible from these tools are listed below:

Import to Adobe After Effects Support for many Avid features including

  • Dissolve
  • Dip To Color
  • Superimpose
  • Picture-in-Picture, now with support for Advanced Keyframes
  • 3D Warp, now with support for Advanced Keyframes
  • 3D PIP
  • Submaster
  • Flops and Flips
  • X, Y and Z-Spin
  • Matte Key
  • Speed Changes, now including
    • Timewarps
    • Strobe
    • Freeze Frames
    • Title Tool text***
  • Supports all ABVB, DV, DV50, Meridien, DNxHD and DVCProHD compressions (HDV native media and 720p 1:1 not supported)
  • Support for media captured to multiple files
  • Option to reference rendered media

Import to Adobe After Effects Support for many Final Cut Pro 7 features including

  • Multiclips
  • Dissolve
  • Dip To Color Dissolve
  • Opacity (from motion tab)
  • Position (“center” in motion tab)
  • Rotation (from motion tab)
  • Scale (from motion tab)
  • Flops and Flips
  • Distort (from motion tab)
  • Basic 3D
  • Speed Changes including Time Remapping
  • Video Strobe
  • Freeze Frames
  • Composite Modes
  • Clip Markers
  • Sequence IN and OUT markers set
  • After Effects Work Area
  • Sequence Markers
  • Text***
  • Text from Subtitling plug-ins
  • DH_Subtitle and SubBits***
  • Time Remapping
  • 3rd Party filters
  • Option to validate timecode of FCP media**
  • Clip and Track enabled states control clip visibility in AE
  • Option to import R3D files instead of QuickTime proxies*

Import to Adobe After Effects Support for many Motion features

  • Opacity
  • Position
  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Blend Modes
  • Four Corner
  • Crop
  • Markers
  • Text***
  • Nested clips and layers become nested comps
  • Playrange sets After Effects Work Area
  • Media playback speed translated to AE footage fps
  • 3rd Party Filters
  • “Mini Motion Projects” are created for Particles, Replicators and layers with Behaviors****

*Currently only works when proxy media is created using Log & Transfer

** Timecode validation only available on Mac

*** Text from the Avid Title Tool (MC 10 or later) and Marquee or from FCP’s built-in text generators or supported subtitlers is translated into an After Effects text layer, see User Guide for more information

**** Motion project import supported only on Mac with Motion installed