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Creativity Toolkit – A ‘Must Have’ Resource

At BETT last week we launched some fantastic new resources to help you sell. If you were at the show you will have seen the ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ tag line on the show stand, but did you know about the new Creativity Toolkit?

Creativity Toolkit

This links a creativity quiz, classroom resources and the Adobe Certified Associate exams which contribute to the OCR iMedia exams. You can see more information at:

Curriculum resources are free to download under a Creative Commons licence and consequently can be freely used and edited as long as they are not distributed for commercial gain:

  • Science and Maths
  • History and Social Studies
  • Languages
  • ICT, Digital Arts and Media
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Administration

The resources are tagged with age ranges and even have links in some instances to Adobe TV where further material is available: 

Here’s an example of a resoure:

Volcano Eruption (ages 9–13)

In this lesson, students draw pictures in Photoshop Elements showing how lava moves through the core of a volcano during an eruption. They then create a time-lapse video in Adobe Premiere Elements, using these pictures to replicate a volcanic eruption.

 Creative ID

Do you know your creative strength? Over 1200 BETT visitors took the Creative ID quiz – 7 questions which determine your creative strength:

  • Artist
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Visionary
  • Wordsmith

Why not take the quiz yourself at? Not only is this a bit of fun, but it also has a practical application. If as an educator you knew that many of your students were visual learners or collaborators, it would enable you to target the lesson with activities and materials that stimulated their creative strengths. The quiz can be taken as both a ‘Teacher’ or a ‘Student’ so why not take the quiz now?


Also part of the creativity toolkit is information on certification. This section provides details of the certification programme and that all important link with OCR. The new ‘finders fee’ from Prodigy Learning makes it worthwhile for partners to include certification as part of the overall story. Full details of the exams can be found at:

The Total is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Packaged together this provides a great story ……….

A K-12 site licence or Adobe School Collection licence pack supported by:

  1. Creative ID quiz to understand how to get the best out of the students
  2. Curriculum resources and lesson plans for delivering the very best lesson
  3. Certification to give students that additional industry recognised qualification valued by HE lecturers and employers

Finally there is more information on ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ at:

Adobe Licence to Create

Unlimited student potential. Unlimited Adobe certification.


Premiering @ The TATE MODERN

London • November 4th • Register Now!

Interested in offering official Adobe Training and Certification in Flash, Dreamweaver & Photoshop to your students?

Find out how you can gain unlimited access to ACA certifications in one all inclusive annual licence at the UK’s first Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Event. Train and certify as many Adobe Certified Associates as you want!

Featuring the launch of ACA CS5, case studies and an important accreditation announcement from OCR .

Includes FREE ACA certification exams for attendees on the day. There is no charge for attendance.

Brought to you by Adobe, Certiport, OCR & Prodigy Learning.

14:00:     Introduction of Adobe “License To Create” 
               – Liz Wilkins, Senior Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems Europe
               - Jonathan Cobb, Director of Sales and Marketing, OCR
14:30:     Adobe Certified Associate Uncovered
               – Jim Holm, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
               - Craig Bewley, CEO, Prodigy Learning

14:45:    Creative iMedia & Adobe Solutions
                - John Deacon, National Accounts Manager, OCR
15:05:       Adobe Schools Case Study
15:20:       Adobe College Case Study
15:35:       Adobe University Case Study
15:50:       Q & A & Next Steps

Lunch will not be provided but a complimentary buffet will be available at 16.15.

Useful Links to Resources

It’s surprising how many useful resources Adobe provides for the Education sector. I’ve summarised a few here that you can point your customers to and at the same time add value to the sales proposition.

Teaching and Learning Resources for Schools – choose a solution, choose a subject or choose a product to get instructional resources for school customers. In addition this site provides links to training materials, success stories, online events, Adobe Education Leaders, and much, much more.

Higher Ed Teaching and Learning Resources – choose a solution or choose a product to get a variety of tailored resources for Higher and Further Education. In addition this site provides links to online events, showcase materials, Adobe Education Leaders, Achievement Awards and many other valuable resources.

Adobe TV: Students and Educators Channel – as the name suggests this resource offers a wealth of programs for students and eduators where they can see products in action and learn how to get the very best out of Adobe’s wealth of technology.

Adobe Certification Programs – learn about the Adobe Certified Associate exams, how to become an Adobe Certified Test Centre and how these programs can open doors for students with industry recognised certification.

Adobe Professional Development - eSeminars, on-demand Seminars, Live Events, Curriculum Workshops and Adobe online Training can all be found on the professional development site.

These six sites offer a comprehensive set of resources designed for education customers, but they’re a well kept secret. Why not differentiate your customer proposal with links to these resources?

Why Does Certification Matter?

So, why does certification matter? How can it add value to the sales opportunity and increase the chances of winning the business?

The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam has been designed for the academic sector. It allows institutions to offer an additional qualification for their students that has real value in the world of work. In the US the number of students taking the ACA exam is growing exponentially adding value to the product sale and increasing customer loyalty to the Adobe product set.

There are currently three ACA Exams with more to follow:

  • Web Communication using Adobe® Dreamweaver®
  • Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash®
  • Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop®

The datasheet (link below) has lots more detail, but the main thing you need to know is that Prodigy Learning are the UK experts, selling and delivering the certification exams on behalf of Adobe. So any leads for certification can be passed directly to Craig Bewley of Prodigy – - and they will do the rest. The ACA Exams are an important initiative and one that UK customers are starting to ask about. The datasheet is a useful sales tool that can be passed directly to your customers for them to contact Prodigy Learning.

Adobe Certified Associate Learning Solutions