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Creative ID Results

Many partners as well as customers completed the Creative ID quiz at BETT. In fact it was so popular that over 1200 people completed the 7 question quiz at the show and in total we now have the consolidated results from over 1,300 people …… and this doesn’t take into account students either.

If you haven’t taken the quiz already we’d encourage you to do so. It’s a great conversation topic for your customers to see what creative type they are.  

The ‘Creative ID’ quiz, gives teachers a better understanding of their creative type, and how they can help students reach their own creative potential. Research revealed that 74% of employers saw little or no creativity in school leavers. The quiz identified five core creative strengths, which display different skills, from the visually creative Artist to the innovative Visionary.

 We’ve now analysed the results, and the results are as follows:

  • Artists = 27%
  • Collaborators = 25%
  • Communicators = 22%
  • Visionaries = 18%
  • Wordsmiths = 8%

If you’re wondering ….. Liz Wilkins is a Collaborator and I’m a Visionary! What Creative Type are you? The quiz is still live, so grab a coffee and take 5 minutes to find out your creative type!

To help teachers leverage their creative skills in lessons and also inspire more creative thinking from their students, Adobe’s Creativity Toolkit is available to download from Including resources such as lesson plans, technical guides and media assets for Maths and Science, Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts, ICT/Digital Arts/Media, the toolkit provides advice on how ICT can be used to make lessons more fun and creative and help unlock students’ creative potential.

Teachers and students can take the ‘Creative ID’ quiz by visiting

Creativity Toolkit – A ‘Must Have’ Resource

At BETT last week we launched some fantastic new resources to help you sell. If you were at the show you will have seen the ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ tag line on the show stand, but did you know about the new Creativity Toolkit?

Creativity Toolkit

This links a creativity quiz, classroom resources and the Adobe Certified Associate exams which contribute to the OCR iMedia exams. You can see more information at:

Curriculum resources are free to download under a Creative Commons licence and consequently can be freely used and edited as long as they are not distributed for commercial gain:

  • Science and Maths
  • History and Social Studies
  • Languages
  • ICT, Digital Arts and Media
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Administration

The resources are tagged with age ranges and even have links in some instances to Adobe TV where further material is available: 

Here’s an example of a resoure:

Volcano Eruption (ages 9–13)

In this lesson, students draw pictures in Photoshop Elements showing how lava moves through the core of a volcano during an eruption. They then create a time-lapse video in Adobe Premiere Elements, using these pictures to replicate a volcanic eruption.

 Creative ID

Do you know your creative strength? Over 1200 BETT visitors took the Creative ID quiz – 7 questions which determine your creative strength:

  • Artist
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Visionary
  • Wordsmith

Why not take the quiz yourself at? Not only is this a bit of fun, but it also has a practical application. If as an educator you knew that many of your students were visual learners or collaborators, it would enable you to target the lesson with activities and materials that stimulated their creative strengths. The quiz can be taken as both a ‘Teacher’ or a ‘Student’ so why not take the quiz now?


Also part of the creativity toolkit is information on certification. This section provides details of the certification programme and that all important link with OCR. The new ‘finders fee’ from Prodigy Learning makes it worthwhile for partners to include certification as part of the overall story. Full details of the exams can be found at:

The Total is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Packaged together this provides a great story ……….

A K-12 site licence or Adobe School Collection licence pack supported by:

  1. Creative ID quiz to understand how to get the best out of the students
  2. Curriculum resources and lesson plans for delivering the very best lesson
  3. Certification to give students that additional industry recognised qualification valued by HE lecturers and employers

Finally there is more information on ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ at: