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Creativity in the Classroom

On Friday 15th October Adobe released a new research report which reveals the high value placed on creativity skills – such as creative thinking or the ability to present information in a creative and compelling way* – in school leavers by UK employers and University lecturers. Three quarters (77%) of those surveyed cite creativity as an essential or important skill, in addition to core skills such as numeracy and literacy.

Despite this, the research shows there is little evidence of it in students applying for jobs or University placements. 52% of University lecturers claim the majority of prospective undergraduates they interview do not demonstrate strong creativity skills, with one in five (20%) claiming just a few students can demonstrate this skill. This trend is even more pronounced in the workplace where the majority (74%) of employers say that ‘less than half’ the people they interview display these skills. Alarmingly, only 4% of employers and 10% of lecturers feel they see strong creativity displayed in all candidates.

Call to Action

Download the “Creativity in the Classroom” report from:

Liz Wilkins, Senior Leader, Adobe Education UK comments: “Wedneday’s Spending Review revealed that whilst direct funding to schools will be protected, there will be a knock-on effect from the loss of key educational initiatives, such as Creative Partnerships which fosters long-term partnerships between schools and creative professionals. Initiatives such has this are likely to impact on creativity in learning. This is worrying when recent research from Adobe shows 77% of UK employers and University lecturers place high value on creativity in school leavers.

“Technology, when used effectively, will need to play an increasingly central role in helping schools to drive creativity, whilst also saving costs. For example, we work with schools who use online collaboration tools to bring experts such as painters or photographers into the classroom virtually, thereby removing the need to pay for travel costs or time. This same technology was used earlier this year to hold virtual lessons for children when the schools were closed due to the snow and other schools are using technology to host virtual assemblies.
Now is the time for schools to review their ICT provision to ensure they’re making the most effective use of it, to avoid being left behind in years to come.”