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New Education Resources for Acrobat XI

With the release of Acrobat XI we’ve also published updated guides for using Adobe Acrobat XI. These guides, available on the Adobe Education Exchange, focus on four key areas:

  • Creating electronic portfolios
  • Using Acrobat as a digital assessment tool
  • Creating a lesson plan template by using Acrobat forms
  • Streamlining administrative productivity through features like Actions, FormCentral, document security, and signature processing

Creating Electronic Portfolios With Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Electronic portfolios are an ideal way for students to gather and showcase their work. In this guide, learn how to use Adobe Acrobat® software to help students create media-rich PDF ePortfolios and share their work with teachers, peers, and prospective employers.

Digital assessment with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

To evaluate digital coursework, you need enhanced assessment tools with capabilities for digital commenting and collaborative reviewing. Digital assessment is particularly appropriate for grading collections of projects or ePortfolios, yearlong projects, and multimedia projects. In this guide, learn how to use the commenting, markup, and collaborative reviewing capabilities in Acrobat to digitally assess your students’ coursework.

Digital assessment with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro >

Generating lesson plans with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Planning daily coursework for your students can be a daunting task. When you create forms in Acrobat, you automate lesson planning and save valuable time. In this guide, learn how to create custom lesson-plan forms with which you can quickly map out your teaching plan.

Generating lesson plans with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro >

Streamline administrative tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Moving from paper-based document processes to digital workflows reduces a huge amount of consumption, waste, pollution, and environmental impact. It also reduces cost, saves time, increases campus productivity, and promotes collaborative teaching. Administrators can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to efficiently, inexpensively, and more securely create and distribute content across the campus.

Streamlining administrative tasks with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro >

Adobe & Your Voice: Be Seen, Be Heard, Stand Out

I’m excited to announce that yesterday afternoon we launched a new show on Adobe TV focused on helping students create their personal brand and go beyond the resume by using Adobe software to package their work in engaging portfolios for PDF, the web, print, and the iPad. 

 This topic of a personal brand is a theme we heard from students through our ELA pilot program research at UC Berkeley and Academy of Art.   

Check out the new show here:

A few highlights about these resources:

  • 14 episode series with 4 sections:
    • Create a personal brand (logo, business card, and poster)
    • Create a PDF Portfolio
    • Create a web portfolio
    • Create an InDesign portfolio for output to print, PDF, and the iPad
  • All episodes have sample assets to go with them so students can actually use the files to follow along with the tutorials and then create their own brand
  • We have a really cool working iPad version of the final student portfolio as an example.

ePortfolios? You Need Acrobat X

ePortfolios remain a major requirement for students of all ages. There are some specialist providers that develop ePortfolio solutions, but one of the big problems is portability …… how do you take your ePortfolio with you from one institution to another?

Acrobat X is ideal as a student ePortfolio. Not only does it support a multitude of different file types – video, audio, web sites/links, office documents, etc – and allow users to organise and structure their content, but it all gets wrapped up into a single, portable PDF file that is industry standard and usable on devices from PCs to Netbooks, mobile phones and almost every device imaginable.

The site below has 5 sample ePortfolios that can be downloaded and shown to customers:

  • High School Student
  • Marine Biology Professor
  • College Administrator
  • Biology Student
  • Design School Student

There is also a whitepaper on the use of ePortfolios to demonstrate growth and assess learning.

So, Acrobat X is more than PDF …… the workflows support school administration to improve efficiency and cut costs, whilst ePortfolios provide a flexible and portable tool for students and educators to create a permanent record of their achievements that can accompany them wherever they go, regardless of device or environment.

Acrobat X in Education

The New Acrobat X is finally here! Acrobat X image

What can it do for education? That’s a good question as many customers are not aware of the benefits Acrobat can bring to educators, students and institutions. Here are a few ideas:


  • Streamline administration and management using forms
  • Reduce cost and time by automating regular tasks e.g. risk assessments, resource requests, IT call logs
  • Archive older documents in an industry standard format
  • Create multimedia documents and distribute in a single, ubiquitous format
  • Integrate with SharePoint and the institutional Learning Platform


  • Streamline curriculum adminsitration and management
  • Create materials for use within the institutions Learning Management System
  • Share student ePortfolios between institutions and departments
  • Increase productivity leaving more time for teaching and learning


  • Create a rich multimedia ePortfolio
  • Create, collaborate and share with fellow students
  • Transport achievements and personal records between institutions in a standards based format

Here is a quick list of new and improved features:

New user interface

  • The Interface tool pane brings top user needs out front
  • Customizable Tool Bar
  • Tools Pane reveals most useful tools to improve productivity
  • Tools and Tasks are easier to access
  • HUD display provides more real estate for viewing

Amazing document repurposing

  • New export options allow for Word and Excel options including headers, footers, and worksheets
  • New scanning engine improves accuracy and file size
  • Efficient tagging and reflow ensure viewing and access on a variety of screens

A more versatile collaboration environment

  • Commenting tools are in a convenient location in UI
  • Markup extends to video and 3D in composite PDFs
  • Reader X users can use sticky notes and highlight tools
  • SharePoint is fully supported so PDFs can be checked in and out  as well as part of an Acrobat workflow.

The next generation of PDF Portfolios

  • New Portfolio environment  built on Flex 4
  • New Support for Accessibility and MSAA compliant devices.
  • Easy to customize AX for user – background image, themes, header
  • Developers can create new layouts with plug-in for Flash Builder
  • Creatives can create new visual themes with Illustrator templates and Flash Pro
  • Allow addition of Web content including Embed Code for video to be viewed directly in Portfolio
  • Save PDF Portfolios as websites and placed on web for preview in browser before deciding to download.
  • Perfect compliment to LMS/CMS systems
  • Each PDF’s page can be previewed without opening actual document. When document is opened from portfolio, it is fully dynamic.

Guided Actions - Guided Actions are scriptable batch processes that can easily be made and shared so that groups of users can benefit from improved compliance and best practices

  • Great for group efficiency
  • Supports Java Script
  • Great to ensure best practices across the institution

Enterprise deployment for Windows and Macintosh environments.

  • Windows deployment is made easier with an improved customization wizard
  • Macintosh clients can now be deployed using the popular Remote Desktop application.

In the coming weeks check back for more previews including tips, tricks, and tutorials!

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