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Win an iPad 3!! Scenario-Training Contest…

After the eLearning team’s successful HTML5 contest for Adobe Captivate on our Facebook Page, we’re launching a global contest for the best Scenario-based training content created using Adobe Captivate. This contest is live now on our Facebook page.

Contest Rules:

  1. Upload any scenario-based course created using Adobe Captivate. For examples of scenario-based courses, visit or
  2. Publish the content as a Flash SWF file. In Captivate’s output options check both the ‘zip file’ and ‘export to HTML’ options.
  3. Any content that is considered inappropriate and reflects badly on the Adobe brand will be removed
  4. Entries will be evaluated based on; application of eLearning and Instructional Design principles, overall aesthetic appeal, use of interaction to create a plausible and relevant scenario (given the selected topic) and use of Adobe Captivate’s features (Advanced Actions, Interactions, Media etc.)
  5. An individual can submit multiple entries.


  1. Two winners will be chosen. Each will receive the new Third Generation 32 GB iPad (WiFi)
    One winner will be based on the number of ‘Likes’ he/ she receives. So ensure that you not only create some awesome content, but also drum up some support for your content.
    The other winner would be chosen by a panel of judges. To find the very best, we have assembled an amazing panel of judges that features experts in interactive learning design and training. The panel will be asked to judge the finalists according to creativity, quality of implementation and fit with the contest theme. Judges: Lieve Weymeis, Christy Tucker, Allen Partridge, and Joe Ganci.
  2. Have Questions or Need Help? Post on our Facebook Page or email


Contest Start Date: 13th March 2012
Contest End Date: 13th April 2012
We will announce the winners in the fourth week of April 2012

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Single Edition

Adobe Fundamentally Changes Economics of Publishing on iPad For Single Edition Content

LOS ANGELES — Oct. 3, 2011 — At its MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition allowing freelance designers and small design firms to publish interactive content created with Adobe InDesign® CS5.5 software on Apple iPad. With a breakthrough fee of just US$395 per application, Single Edition offers an affordable and flexible end-to-end workflow for designers to publish a single-issue application for sale or distribution through the Apple App Store. Without writing a single line of code, designers can now use their existing skills and workflows to create an application for the iPad, saving on development costs while allowing them to maintain complete creative control.

Single Edition allows users to publish single-issue content such as a brochure, highly-visual book, annual report or personal design portfolio as an application for the iPad. As an extension of the Digital Publishing Suite line, Single Edition enables users to leverage Creative Suite® 5.5 workflows to create an application for the iPad. This gives freelance designers access to many of the same creative and publishing technologies that leading publishers, such as Condé Nast, have used to reinvent their publications for delivery on tablet devices.

“Adobe is dramatically impacting the economics of publishing on iPad,” said Todd Teresi, vice president and general manager, Media Solutions, Adobe. “Adding Single Edition to the Digital Publishing Suite family shows Adobe’s commitment to making digital publishing available to businesses of all sizes – from freelance designers to small design firms to large global publishers.”

The Digital Publishing Suite family which now includes Single Edition is used to publish content beyond traditional magazines and newspapers. With more than 700 titles published with the Enterprise and Professional Editions of Digital Publishing Suite currently in market, organizations are quickly seeing the value of content on tablet devices and are expanding the range of published materials. Sales tools, brand and customer engagement materials, merchandising deliverables, employee communications and corporate collateral published to tablets drives greater business value for organizations and opens new revenue opportunities. Combined with the power of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 software, Digital Publishing Suite lets designers work with a familiar toolset while maintaining complete control over the design, publishing and monetization of tablet apps.

“Working with Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite allowed us to turn our print catalog into a rich, interactive digital magazine without disrupting our existing workflow,” said Gary Higginbotham, director of marketing, Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based residential design firm. “With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, it’s even simpler for a small business to reach out to customers in exciting, affordable ways.”

Today’s announcement, made at Adobe MAX 2011, accompanies other Digital Publishing Suite news including an announcement that WoodWing Software joins other editorial workflow vendors to fully embrace Adobe’s industry-leading Digital Publishing Suite and offer it as the platform of choice for tablet based output (see separate release).

Pricing and Availability
Single Edition for iPad is expected to be available for purchase through at the end of November 2011. From InDesign CS5.5, users can publish through Single Edition to the iPad for US$395 per application. Single Edition will support additional tablet platforms later in 2012. For more details on Single Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise edition pricing, visit the Digital Publishing Suite buying guide.

Indiana University Creates iPAD Application

Using the Digital Publishing Suite, Indiana University has created an iPad app - IU Libris – with three publications available for download.
Take a look on iTunes

Indiana University used the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite which is an ideal solution for iPADs and other Tablet devices. here’s some more information:

Transform print publications for tablet devices

Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite is a complete solution that lets media and business publishers create, distribute, monetize, and optimize publications for tablet devices.

  • Deliver engaging, publisher-branded reading experiences on an array of mobile devices — including Apple iPad, Android™, and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.
  • Efficiently author publications and documents using familiar Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5 components.
  • Use flexible commerce models to sell single issues and subscriptions directly and through app marketplaces like the Apple App Store, Android Market, and BlackBerry App World.
  • Optimize your editorial and boost advertising revenue with robust analytics based on Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture®.

Learn more about the hosted services and viewer technology of Digital Publishing Suite:

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Two editions now available: new Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition


Innovative reading experiences

Publish titles with eye-catching interactive elements, such as 360-degree rotation and panoramas, without sacrificing brand integrity. Distribute content in a publisher-branded viewer with innovative display and navigation options.

Broad reach

Attract and retain high-value readers and advertisers by publishing content on the most popular tablet devices, including iPad, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, as well as through mobile marketplaces such as the Apple App Store, Android Market, and BlackBerry App World.

Photoshop Touch Applications for iPAD

Highly Anticipated Tablet Apps that Interact with Photoshop CS5 Now Available in Apple App Store

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of the Adobe® Photoshop® Touch apps – Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav – for Apple iPad in the Apple App Store. These three apps from Adobe were developed using the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) to demonstrate the potential for new interaction between Photoshop and tablet devices.

“By having nothing between you and your artwork, you can focus on creating in the purest sense.”

Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop, Adobe Eazel for Photoshop and Adobe Nav for Photoshop unite the fun and interactive experience of touch devices with the power and precision of Photoshop by enabling users to create custom color swatches, paint directly onscreen and drive popular Photoshop tools from tablet devices.‡ These applications take advantage of the iPad’s touch screen for a truly immersive, tactile, on-the-go experience, and expand upon inroads made by Adobe in the mobile and tablet market initiated with Photoshop Express, Adobe Ideas and Adobe Connect™ Mobile.

Photoshop is a part of the recently announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.5 product family, enabling designers and developers to create for popular and emerging smartphone and tablet platforms. Current Photoshop CS5 owners can download a free update to enable new interaction between Photoshop and tablet devices.

Initial industry feedback for the Photoshop Touch applications has been overwhelmingly positive; in a First Look review by Macworld, Lesa Snider says that “By having nothing between you and your artwork, you can focus on creating in the purest sense.” Snider also notes the excitement for the new Photoshop Touch SDK, saying, “I have no doubt developers will be burning the midnight oil to push the envelope of this new technology and create other useful Photoshop integrated apps.”

The Photoshop Touch SDK makes development possible on numerous devices, including iOS®, Android® and BlackBerry® PlayBook®. Utilizing the SDK, developers will have wide access to Photoshop functionality with the freedom to innovate and create new apps or add capabilities to existing ones. Adobe has already engaged with a number of developers to incorporate tablets and other devices into creative workflows that empower Photoshop users in new and groundbreaking ways.

Photoshop Touch Extends Creative Processes

  • Adobe Color Lava allows creatives to use their fingertips to mix colors on the iPad, creating custom color swatches and themes to transfer back into Photoshop.
  • Adobe Eazel takes advantage of cutting-edge painting technology by letting digital artists create rich realistic paintings with their fingertips, and introduces a new kind of interaction between “wet” and “dry” paints. These paintings can then be sent directly to Photoshop CS5 for compositing or for taking the artwork further.
  • Adobe Nav increases workflow efficiency by letting users select and control Photoshop tools using the iPad as the input surface, customize the toolbar, browse and zoom in on up to 200 open Photoshop files, or easily create new files.
  • Adobe Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to build tablet applications that interact with Photoshop from Android, BlackBerry PlayBook and iOS devices.


John Loiacono, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Media Solutions, Adobe

  • “Tablet devices are destined to become part of creative workflows and these companion Photoshop applications are just the first indications of the creativity we can expect from Adobe and our developer community. With our Touch SDK, we are going to see some astonishing new ways to keep Photoshop at the heart of the creative process no matter what the device – desktop computer, Android tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook or iOS device.”

Helpful Links

Videos on Photoshop Touch SDK and Applications

Videos on Developers Using the Photoshop Touch SDK

Pricing and Availability

The Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav applications for Photoshop are immediately available through the Apple App Store. Pricing for the applications is US$4.99 for Adobe Eazel, US$2.99 for Adobe Color Lava and US$1.99 for Adobe Nav.

Current Photoshop CS5 customers can download and install the free update from within the application or via the Adobe Application Manager. Developers can access the free Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK for Windows and Mac OS platforms on the Adobe Application Manager.