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Education Enterprise Agreement – 60% Discount Promotion

The recently launched Education Enterprise Agreement is now available with a huge 60% discount off the Tier-1 entry price for K-12 schools of 20 – 299 members of staff.

The EEA program is only available to specialised Educational resellers and is sold as either a 1 year or 2 year commitment to the software. The customer declares their FTE (Full time Equivalent staff) and then purchases the Design & Web Collection (including ALL the updates) to obtain the following products:


The video collection and additional add-ons are purchased on a per device basis, with 60% also off the video collection. The estimated street pricing for all of the available EEA products are as follows:


The promotion is available immediately until 31st January 2014.

For more information contact an Adobe Distributor, your Channel Account Manager or the Adobe Education sales team.

Education Concurrent Licensing Policy

Concurrent licences are widely used across the Education sector, but the use policy has not always been clear raising a number of questions from Education customers.

The policy was revised on November 15th 2011 following requests from a number of customers for clarification on different use scenarios. However, the policy only takes effect when a customers’ CLP agreement is renewed. The main changes are designed to clarify the policy, and in particular highlight prohibited scenarios, for example:

  • Access or use of the Software on a Computer not physically located at a campus facility
  • Installation or use of the Software on a Computer not owned and controlled by you (including but not limited to Computers owned by students or otherwise in students’ possession)
  • Access or use of the Software for administrative use
  • Access or use of the Software in a virtual lab through remote access

To view the policy in full please visit -

What is the impact of this on the community?

The revised concurrency policy is only in effect for those members of the community who have an Adobe CLP agreement which started or was renewed after November 15th, 2011. For customers with a current CLP agreement at the time of the change (Nov 15th 2011), the policy only comes into effect when this agreement expires, and is renewed. A good example is the Eduserv Framework Agreement due to be renewed on March 1st 2013, at which point the new policy will take effect

What recommendations would Adobe like to make to the community?
Firstly, we strongly encourage all members of the community to understand the revised policy and determine the impact on their individual institution.

Secondly, concurrent licenses are only one of several licensing programs available to Adobe customers. As an alternative there is the Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) which has been introduced as a direct result of customers requesting an easier way to license their Adobe software. As a result many institutions who have signed up to an ELA agreement have been able to:

  • increase student access to Adobe creative software
  • simplify the deployment process
  • simplify software asset management
  • support on-campus virtualization.

Who should the community contact if they want to discuss their particular licensing needs?

We would strongly recommend that if any institution is concerned about this policy or the Eduserv Adobe ELA they should contact their Adobe account manager:

  • For Institutions in the East of England and Ireland, contact: Pennie O’Sullivan Email: Tel: +44 (0)7720 639509
  • For the West of England, Scotland and Wales, contact: Bengta Jordan Email: Tel: +44 (0)7734 158891

Licensing Downgrade Rights

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. Can I downgrade to a previous version and how do I do it? Here’s all you need to know.

Adobe Volume Licensing customers who wish to use a prior version of an Adobe software product may purchase software for the prior version via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) from the Licensing Web Site (LWS) (

Prior Version Software and Backwards Licensing

Backwards Licensing

Backwards Licensing is an Adobe Volume Licensing policy that allows TLP & CLP Customers to purchase a current version license of an Adobe Software product but use a prior version, typically due to standardization of workflows or system limitations. Although Adobe allows for the use of a prior version through the purchase of a current license, obtaining the software media is not a component of the Backwards Licensing policy.

Prior Version ESD (PV-ESD)

For customers who wish to obtain software for a prior version due to backwards licensing or otherwise, Adobe will offer software for electronic download for one version back of all titles and languages that were originally made available via Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). Prior version ESD SKUs are available on the Adobe TLP and CLP price lists after a new version has been released. The price list will always contain the prior version ESD SKUs (if that product version was originally offered via ESD).

Orders for prior version software should be placed via Adobe Authorized Resellers, Distributors and Adobe License Centers (ALCs). Customers must purchase an equivalent number of current version licenses in order to receive Prior Version ESD.

Serial Numbers

Customers requiring a serial number for their prior version software should be instructed to contact Customer Service. In most instances, Serial numbers will be provided to customers and they will be reflected in LWS within 2-3 business days.


Q. How do I place an order for a prior version? Adobe Systems Incorporated Prior Version Electronic Software Download Channel Version 3.0 Page 3 of 3

A. If the customer needs the software only, refer to the most current TLP or CLP price list and locate the appropriate ESD sku. The order should then be placed like any other typical order. If the customer also needs a current version license, place an order for the current version license in the applicable licensing program (TLP or CLP).

Q. Where do I find the prior version ESD SKUs to order?

A. On the regular Adobe TLP or CLP price lists. Prior Version ESD SKUs are just regular ESD SKUs for the prior version.

Q. Will the customer receive an LWS order confirmation that includes the Prior Version ESD order?

A. Yes, the customer will receive an order confirmation e-mail for their Prior Version ESD SKU just like they normally would for any other order.

Q. How many versions back can I order Prior Version ESD SKUs?

A. Prior Version ESD SKUs will be available for only one version back at any given point in time. For example, when Acrobat X Pro releases, Acrobat 9 Pro ESD will be available as the Prior Version and Acrobat 8 ESD skus will be removed from the price lists.

Q. If I have a problem with a PV ESD order, who should I contact?

A. PV-ESD orders will be placed just like any other order. Contact your Order Management representative for basic problems related to the order.

Q. My customer needs a serial number for the prior version software, who do they need to contact?

A. Customer Service.

Q. Will Prior Version ESD purchases be eligible for any Licensing Upgrade Entitlements?

A. No, Prior Version ESD orders will not be eligible for any Licensing Upgrade Entitlements because they are essentially media skus and not licenses.

Customer Ready Licensing Presentation

Have you ever wanted an education specific licensing deck for sales personnel or customers? Well thanks to Tom Parsons from the Channel team I’ve been able to take his comprehensive presentation and edit it ready for a customer audience. The presentation covers TLP and CLP licensing programs, upgrade plans, the CS5 deployment kit and LWS.

AVL TLP & CLP (Education Customer) – Aug 2010