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Lightroom 3 for Education

Hugh John is a well known Education journalist and he has just published a very positive article on Lightroom 3 entitled: Lightroom 3 a cool solution for digital photo frenzy.

Here’s an extraxt from the article:

Photoshop Lightroom 3

You’ve bought the new digital cameras, taken the students on a field trip and come back with more than 100 images. No problem. With hard drive storage so capacious and such good value it’s plain sailing… Isn’t it?

No. Once a photo collection gets into the thousands – it doesn’t take long – you need digital asset management (DAM) software. Better yet if this software allows you to edit your image collection, either individually or in batch format. Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom is such an application.

To read the full article so that you can upsell a Photoshop customer with Lightroom 3, go to: