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Becoming an Academy – What are the licensing implications?

With the large number of schools that have either become an academy or are now applying, an increasingly common question is ‘What are the licensing implications?’ First though it is necesary to explain the problem ……

When a school becomes an Academy they may or may not change their name. However, what they always do is change their status to become a Limited Company. An Academy will be run by a charitable compnay limited by guarantee and known as ‘the Academy Trust’. As a company it will be subject to company law and to the requirements of the Registrar of Companies (Companies House). In other words the school undergoes a complete change of status. For those schools converting in April, they will close as a school on March 31 and open on April 1 as an Academy Trust.

So, what are the implications for assets such as software licences? Many organisations will require a formal licence transfer, but this could create a huge administrative overhead for customers and partners, so instead we are asking schools/academies to provide the information necessary to complete a ‘Change of Name’ form that is much quicker and simpler.

The attached is the form which we will submit on behalf of the customer once all the details are complete.

ACON - Change of Name Form