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Programme for International School Assessment

Michael Gove has commented on the UK’s ranking and performance relative to other countries around the world. The PISA study of school systems shows the UK in decline.

The headline results for England are:

Subject  Rankings for England
  2000 (32 Countries) 2006 (57 Countries) 2009 (65 Countries)
Reading 7th 17th 25th
Mathematics 8th 25th 27th
Science 4th 14th 16th

Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove said:

Today’s PISA report underlines the urgent need to reform our school system. We need to learn from the best-performing countries.

Other regions and nations have succeeded in closing the gap and in raising attainment for all students at the same time. They have made opportunity more equal, democratised access to knowledge and placed an uncompromising emphasis on higher standards all at the same time. These regions and nations – from Alberta to Singapore, Finland to Hong Kong, Harlem to South Korea – should be our inspiration.

While each of these exemplars has their own unique and individual approach to aspects of education, their successful systems all share certain common features. Many have put in place comprehensive plans for school improvement which involve improving teacher quality, granting greater autonomy to the front line, modernising curricula, making schools more accountable to their communities, harnessing detailed performance data and encouraging professional collaboration. It is only through such whole-system reform that education can be transformed to make our nation one of the world’s top performers. 

 Key points from the report can be found at:

The full report can be found at:,3343,en_2649_35845621_46567613_1_1_1_1,00.html

All this inevitably means more changes to the UK education system as the government attempts to accelerate progress and catch-up with the rest of the world. We can see the huge push towards academies and the devolution of funding away from Local Authorities and directly to the schools. This has the effect of increasing a school’s discretionary expenditure, which in turn is an opprotunity to demonstrate the value of ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ and Adobe products in raising academic achievement.

We’ll be making much more of ‘Creativity in the Classroom’ over the coming year, using it as an umbrella campaign to raise awareness of Adobe technologies and their value in driving change and improving educational outcomes. 

If you want to see the Government’s direction of travel I would suggest reading Michael Gove’s whitepaper which is a surprisingly easy read!