Who is teaching our children to code?

I read an article in The Telegraph a couple of weeks ago that raised an interesting question. The generation of young people that have just left school are our first digital natives to enter the workplace, having never known life before the Internet. But rather than employers finding themselves with a deluge of possible applicants for new job roles, they’re actually struggling to find people with the right skills.

The journalist purports that this issue is down to an antiquated school system that centres on word processing programs only, leaving teenagers to essentially teach themselves advanced skills the industry is shouting out for, such as coding, in their spare time.

There are some positive noises coming from the Government with education secretary Michael Gove promising an overhaul of the ICT curriculum, and importantly also training for teachers in using these tools. To support this, we ourselves have launched a series of free online courses, Adobe Generation, to help young people aged 14-19 develop the technology skills the industry is calling out for. Their teachers can even join so it’s a great training ground for them too. The courses cover three digital disciplines – Animation, Photo Imaging and Games Design – and give students the technical know-how they’ll need to work in each industry and an insight from professionals into what it’s really like in each field.

This shouldn’t take away from the need to refresh ICT lessons in schools. Traditionally, these classes have run in isolation to the rest of the syllabus. But this no longer meet the expectations of today’s employers as they do not equip young people with skills they will need when they enter the workplace. With the right framework and support from teachers, businesses will benefit as students will develop industry standard skills in preparation for the world of work.

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New ways for you to transform your lessons

We’ve been run off our feet these last few weeks launching a bunch of great new products spanning everything from photography and video editing, to productivity and security tools. Here’s a quick rundown.

First up is the latest version of our consumer photo and video-editing software, Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11. Elements is a consumer-friendly version of our professional imaging and video products, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. There are tons of new tools, including the option to apply creative filters to photos and Hollywood movie style ‘FilmLooks’ to transform videos. The Student and Teacher bundle is available from £72.27 (ex VAT).

Earlier this month we launched Acrobat XI which you can use in the following ways:

• Create electronic portfolios
• Use Acrobat as a digital assessment tool
• Create lesson plan templates with Acrobat forms
• Streamline administrative productivity through features like Actions, FormCentral, document security, and signature processing

To find out more about you how you can use Acrobat in your school we have created free updated guides for using Adobe Acrobat XI on the Adobe Education Exchange.

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Get any Adobe® Creative Suite® desktop application for less than 60p a day!

Just in case you haven’t heard on the grapevine, teachers and students can sign up to an annual membership of the Adobe Creative Cloud for just £15.88 per month – reduced from £22.46 – until 4th November 2012. With just 11 days left to take advantage of this fantastic offer, there’s never been a better time to join the Creative Cloud.

For less than 60p a day, you and your students can download and install every Adobe Creative Suite desktop application, access 20GB of cloud-based storage, and get upgrades to new versions and services as soon as they’re released. Create awesome websites, portfolios and projects – share, collaborate and publish – anytime, anywhere, and in any direction your or your student’s imagination takes you.

To find out more about the features and benefits of the Adobe Creative Cloud and this great offer click here. But hurry. You and your students can have it all with an Adobe Creative Cloud membership at just £15.88 a month. But only if you join before 4 November 2012.

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Adobe & Your Voice: Be Seen, Be Heard, Stand Out

In today’s tough jobs market, it’s more important than ever that students do everything they can to sell themselves when applying for a place at university. We recently launched a new channel called Adobe & Your Voice to help students present their work in a professional and visually engaging way.

It contains a bunch of videos teaching everything from creating a personal brand, to packaging up work into portfolios for PDF, the Web, print and the iPad.

You can check all these out for yourself by clicking here.

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Adobe Generation: nurture young creative talent with new online courses for UK students

Following a successful pilot in May, we’ve decided to expand Adobe Generation, and today we’re announcing the roll-out of three new Adobe Generation courses.

Adobe Generation is a series of free online courses (each lasting nine weeks), designed to help UK students (aged 14-19) develop key skills that will help them in a range of creative careers. Teachers wanting to develop their own digital skills are also welcome to join Adobe Generation.

Details of the Adobe Generation courses are as follows:

  • Games Design – will run each Monday from 1st October – 26th November at 7- 8pm
  • Animation- will run each Tuesday from 2nd October – 27th November at 7- 8pm
  • Photo Imaging – will run each Thursday from 4th October – 29th November at 7- 8pm

Sessions for each course will be led by different creative experts so students will hear straight from the horse’s mouth about each field and how they can develop specific skills. We have a whole raft of exciting guest speakers lined up – including the creative geniuses behind A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ video and animated favourite Shaun the Sheep!

Each session will be taught online using Adobe Connect and will give attendees the skills they’d need to go on to become a games designer on the next Call of Duty blockbuster or producer of the next big Hollywood blockbuster. Students will also be set weekly challenges, with prizes being given out to the best student work.

So if you want to be part of the Adobe Generation, I strongly recommend you to sign up early at www.adobegeneration.com.



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