Artists, Collaborators and Communicators: new research reveals the variety of creative talent amongst UK teachers

At BETT 2011 we launched our online ‘Creative ID’ quiz, to give teachers a better understanding of their creative type, and how they can help students reach their own creative potential.

We had people turning out in droves to take the quiz – more than a thousand at BETT itself! We’re currently at 1,305 quiz plays and counting!

Well we’ve analysed the results, and I can reveal that it’s the Artists who are leading the way– a quarter of teachers who took the quiz are visually creative.

Collaborators (like me) are a close second – a quarter of us are great at working with people to develop and cultivate ideas.

In comparison, there were very few Wordsmiths – only 8% use written words to demonstrate their creativity.

Communicators and Visionaries are hovering in the middle of the creativity league table at the moment – a fifth are good at presenting work to others in a creatively-appealing and impactful way, whilst 18% are ‘big picture’ creatives.

The quiz is still live, so grab a coffee and take 5 minutes to find out your creative type!

About Liz Wilkins

Liz Wilkins is Senior Marketing Manager for Education at Adobe Systems UK. Her involvement with Adobe Education products has seen her work closely with a range of educational institutions, championing the use of digital media tools in the curriculum, and their integration into a number of subject areas in order to better prepare students for the future demands of the workplace. Liz works closely with teachers and administrators integrating software, curriculums, and instructional resources as well as certification options and professional development tools. Through promoting digital literacy in cross-curricular education, teaching essential career skills, and streamlining administrative processes Liz has experience working in partnership with a diverse portfolio of schools and further education institutions.
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