Does Connect Make Sense for Primary Schools?

Eureka Primary School in South Derbyshire has enhanced their Learning Platform with Adobe Connect to better engage pupils in a range of subjects. What is interesting about Eureka is that they have found many different ways to benefit from the technology. Initially Adobe Connect was used as a collaborative tool within the school for pupils to talk with each other, but increasingly it is now used to communicate beyond the school boundaries, not only from home but across the atlantic to a school in Florida.

Through Connect, the children can watch each other’s animations and review other work to give immdiate feedback. This is a new experience that enriches the learning experience bring subjects such as georgraphy to life. As Eureka becomes more familiar with the technology they are beginning to use a greater range of tools, for example voting on questions, Q&A and chat. Not only are lessons more enjoyable but the children have gained in confidence learning valuable planning and project management skills in the process.

Eureka has plans to increase the use of video, record school activities and create an information exchange for the children. So, in answer to the first question ‘Does Connect make sense for Primary Schools’ the answer is definitely Yes!

Download the full Eureka case study: EurekaPrimarySchool_Case Study

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