Adobe Announces New Digital School Collection & Site Licensing Model

We have just announced the latest edition of the Adobe Digital School Collection (ADSC) for primary & secondary school students and educators, available for Windows and Mac OS. The bundle – which gives students, including those with learning disabilities, a way to visually express what they’ve learned across the curriculum – includes the recently announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software, as well as Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Together, ADSC allows students to create projects and classroom presentations that include:
• polished photos and photo books
• compelling movies with professional-quality effects
• media-rich documents and ePortfolios

ADSC helps educators improve student engagement by encouraging creative expression, and teach critical media skills that prepare students for success in college and beyond. To equip teachers up for success, we have published additional resources that can help educators deploy ADSC quickly and efficiently, including:
• ready-to-use lesson plans, tutorials, tips and tricks and video lesson examples – all instantly available on the free Adobe Education Exchange

We also announce a new pricing model – Digital School Collection is now exclusively available as a 50- or 100-pack Primary & Secondary School Site License through flexible Cumulative Licensing Program or Transactional Licensing Program plans, ensuring schools and districts can maximize their software budget through wide, cross-platform distributions. These site licenses also come with supporting resources for teaching 21st century skills and engaging students in cross-curricular learning through digital storytelling.

There are some excellent UK examples of media projects students are working on using the Adobe Digital School Collection, and I’ll be sharing some of these in the coming months. Please do contact me if you’d like us to share your story.

About Liz Wilkins

Liz Wilkins is Senior Marketing Manager for Education at Adobe Systems UK. Her involvement with Adobe Education products has seen her work closely with a range of educational institutions, championing the use of digital media tools in the curriculum, and their integration into a number of subject areas in order to better prepare students for the future demands of the workplace. Liz works closely with teachers and administrators integrating software, curriculums, and instructional resources as well as certification options and professional development tools. Through promoting digital literacy in cross-curricular education, teaching essential career skills, and streamlining administrative processes Liz has experience working in partnership with a diverse portfolio of schools and further education institutions.
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