Renaldo Lawrence: Integrating digital tools in the classroom

I could talk all day about the importance of digital skills in education. So am really excited around the increased focus on encouraging students to design apps for smart phones as part of the digital-economy drive. It’s a great example of the way perspectives are changing. We’re moving away from just using computer-assisted instruction to improve student test scores, and more towards exploring how technology skills actually help students succeed in the real world.

 The unprecedented speed at which mobile and tablet devices are evolving is just mind blowing, as is the rate at which the integration of these technologies into everyday life and the workplace is happening. So it’s hugely important that schools mirror this. The digital creative skills that are essential to these industries should be a key part of preparing our young people for College, University and later on, their careers.

 As a teacher, there’s nothing I love more than seeing my students have fun in the classroom. I get great pleasure in seeing them excel of course, but if they are passionate and can have fun whilst doing it, that’s even better. Integrating these sorts of digital tools into everyday lessons, means they do just that.

 Renaldo Lawrence is an Adobe Education Leader, to find out more about this “quiet revolutionary” check out his profile on Merlin John Online:


About Liz Wilkins

Liz Wilkins is Senior Marketing Manager for Education at Adobe Systems UK. Her involvement with Adobe Education products has seen her work closely with a range of educational institutions, championing the use of digital media tools in the curriculum, and their integration into a number of subject areas in order to better prepare students for the future demands of the workplace. Liz works closely with teachers and administrators integrating software, curriculums, and instructional resources as well as certification options and professional development tools. Through promoting digital literacy in cross-curricular education, teaching essential career skills, and streamlining administrative processes Liz has experience working in partnership with a diverse portfolio of schools and further education institutions.
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