Who IS this guy?!

I’ve worked at Adobe for 16 years, video products since ’97. I’ve had many roles in that time, and they’ve all helped prepare me for this one. According to our HR system, I’m a “Broadcast Engineering Technical Liaison”. Functionally, I’m an Integration Engineer—I help Adobe’s broadcast partners integrate their stuff with our stuff. On my best days, I’m Mr. Wolfe, for Adobe Broadcast.


The NLE landscape for professional broadcast video is changing—for the better.

While it’s not true that ‘Crisis’ and ‘Opportunity’ are the same character in Chinese, change does create opportunity.

Adobe Video has an entire development team dedicated to integrating our tools with existing broadcast solutions*, and those that are still under development.

So…anything you need, you know…integrated?



The awesome Michael Lopp, who tweets as @Rands, says [rightly] “When you use the word ‘Solutions’, I hear ‘I don’t really know to describe what we do.” To be specific, in this context solutions means “The stuff you use to make money with digital video”. Sorry, Mr. Lopp. Everyone else: Go get one of his books