Where is the Typewriter tool in Acrobat X?

You’re used to using the Typewriter tool in earlier versions of Acrobat; and can’t find it now. Don’t worry, its still there in Adobe Acrobat X.

Choose Tools > Content > Add or Edit Text Box.

Accessing the Add or Edit Text Box tool in Acrobat X

Accessing the Add or Edit Text Box tool in Acrobat X

The Typewriter toolbar that you are familiar with displays. See Acrobat online help topic here to learn how to use the Typewriter toolbar.

{Tools | Comment | Share} are no longer menu items. They are called task buttons and are located on the top-right of the application window. When you click on these buttons, the task pane opens and display the buttons inside. The buttons are highlighted in the screenshot.


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  1. #1 by JoeBoggs on August 27, 2014 - 3:07 am

    I am now on hour number 5 of figuring out how to add some text, make part of it bold and position it. Good job, Adobe, on making something that should be so simple next to impossible to execute. I have seen the question asked over and over but not answered:
    “i cannot find how to change font, highlight the text and all normal editing like in word…where are all these tools?”

  2. #2 by JoeBoggs on August 27, 2014 - 3:10 am

    No form labels? I don’t know if Adobe has seen an html form. Often times there is a label just to the left of the input field…

  3. #3 by Richard Duncan on September 12, 2014 - 7:53 am

    The typewriter tool cursor BOX has suddenly become much larger than the font size it contains.

    The BOX containing the text is more than twice the height of the font and the box shrinks and enlarges as the font size is changed, but the box always remains twice the height of the font.

    It never did this before and suddenly changed size.

    Does anyone know how to modify the default size of the box that text annotations appear inside?

    The “Add Text” cursor box that contains the text is the correct size.

    This issue is only occurring with the annotation feature text tool.

  4. #4 by Linda Dzierba on October 27, 2014 - 8:57 pm

    I am having the same cursor problem that is much too large for the font size.

  5. #5 by Joseph Garnier on February 8, 2015 - 4:50 pm

    I have footnotes in my document that I made in MS Word 2013. I exported as .pdf, but in the editing stage I somehow lost the original Word .docx file. So, using Adobe Acrobat XI, I had to move some footnotes from one page to the next, so far so good. In the process of going from one page to the next, the numerical subscripts changed to full size numbers in the notes and in the text. All subscripts are fine so long as I don’t move them. Even if I copy and paste a subscript, it comes out full size. What am I missing? I cannot find anyone to give me a simple answer to how I can get them back to subscript. Can you help? I’ve been working on this book for 20 years, and don’t want to quit now.

  6. #6 by JOSIE on June 10, 2015 - 10:38 pm

    Did anyone ever figure out where the BOLD optin is when you add text

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