Advertising engagement in digital magazines

On the Adobe Digital Publishing blog, Dave Dickson, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Digital Publishing wrote about a report that describes how readers engage with interactive ads in digital magazines. If you’re undecided about your digital publishing endeavor, this report will surely help.

Titled “Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness,” (PDF – 260KB) and conducted by Alex Wang, Ph.D. (Univ. of Connecticut) the study exposed participants ages 18 to 32 to print or iPad versions of advertisements featured in a past issue of a digital magazine. It then surveyed them to measure perceived interactivity, perceived engagement, message involvement, attitude towards the ads, and purchase intent, and compared the results.  Overall, the research discovered that readers are more likely to engage with interactive than static ads, as well as have a more favorable attitude to the ad and greater purchase intent. See a summary of the results below; participants responded using a scale from 1-9 and considered both all ads in the magazine, as well as a specific ad presented to them.

Read the entire report here.

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