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InDesign | some useful community content

You guys are amazing, and you bring so much value to the InDesign content eco-sphere.

In this post, I want to bring to you, a few outstanding pieces that we think  are excellent. These have now been added to the InDesign help pages as well, so that you’ll find them when you need them the most.

A screenshot of how community-created content is linked from the help pages








If you have created some content, or there is a piece of content that you find critical, do let me know and we’ll evaluate it and link to if from the help pages.

Meanwhile, see a sampling of some of the content that we’ve linked to.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to quickly locate the shortcut that you’re looking for.

  • Marijan Tompa (@tomaxxi) created an amazing interactive shortcuts guide. And the amazing thing is that he created it using InDesign. See
  • Mike Witherell created this PDF for the most commonly used shortcuts. One page each for Mac and Win that you can print and pinup on your design station. See
  • The InDesign help contains a list of the default keyboard shortcuts that can be found here.

Add Basic Page Numbering

Adding page numbers is an important enough task and no wonder that there is some excellent content out there.

  • Bob Bringhusrt created this Page Numbering Gallery to help you understand with pictures. See
  • David Blatner (@dblatner), in this 4-minute video, shows you the basics about pagination. See

Digital Publishing Suite Overview

DPS is taking the community by a storm. And rightly so, as InDesign users we are already in the correct place to take our publications to the next level. Colin Fleming in this video, gives us a big picture. See

Booklet Printing to PDF

User SHSUWatkins posted this video on YouTube to show you how to print an InDesign booklet to PDF.  See




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