Get started, Top ten things for beginners | InDesign CS6

Watch this episode of the Creative Suite Podcast for Designers, and see  Terry White demonstrate 10 things beginners want to know how to do in Adobe InDesign CS6.

In a little less than 30 minutes (a bit long, but worth every second), Terry White will take you through:

Creating a new documents, Placing graphics, Fitting graphics in frames, Adding text, Formatting text, Creating and Applying Styles, Adding Page numbers, Wrapping Text, exporting to PDF. In addition, there are lots of tips and tricks thrown in.

If you’re new to InDesign and just getting started, this are probably the best 30 minutes you can invest in.

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  1. #1 by Yvonne Brown on January 16, 2014 - 7:02 am

    Good demo. It would have been nice to also see object styles and more about Master Pages.

  2. #2 by Sharmi on August 4, 2016 - 6:02 pm

    This video is not good and it is not able to understand the concept easily,explanation is not clear here.

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