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InDesign CS6 | Arabic and Hebrew support

You can now create layouts and designs that contain Arabic and Hebrew text in InDesign CS6.  There are several features that let you create world-ready content.

Adobe World-Ready composers already give you flexibility to work with indic languages. Support for Hunspell open source dictionaries let you download and use dictionaries that you need. Arabic and Hebrew text has some additional complications. But InDesign CS6, Middle Eastern edition has features that handle the additional complexitites and let you create designs with Arabic, Hebrew, or mixed content.

Create Arabic and Hebrew content

Create Arabic and Hebrew content

To create Arabic and Hebrew content, you need some special treatment. For example, Arabic and Hebrew are right-to-left languages, so you need the ability to change the paragraph direction.

Several other features, such as specifying Text direction, story direction, binding direction are included. Other language specific features such as automatic Kashida insertion, Diacritical marks, and Diacritical coloring are also included.


See Arabic and Hebrew features in InDesign Cs6 for more details.

Also have a look at the other new features in InDesign CS6.

Download a Trial

Download a trial, and take it for a spin. I’m sure that you’ll like what you see. You can download the trial installer from the follow locations.




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