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Ask a CS Pro | DPS and iPad3


You’ve probably heard about the new iPad. That amazing Retina Display with double the resolution of previous iPads.

It’s gorgeous. But how are you going to author your Digital Publishing Suite content so that it looks good on both this device and the earlier versions of the iPad? Join Colin Fleming, Adobe Digital Publishing Evangelist, for an Ask a CS Pro session on Friday, April 6th to learn how to efficiently design and author for both types of iPad. There are a couple things to keep in mind, and some pretty nifty solutions so your content looks great.

Adobe has just updated their guidance on authoring Digital Publishing Suite for the new iPad, and Colin will demonstrate many of these techniques in this session.
He will cover:

o Layout design for flexible publishing
o Handling interactive content for two resolutions
o Building folios for “renditions”


Friday, 6th April, 2012

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Add Audio and video to EPUB | InDesign CS5.5

In this episode from Adobe TV, Colin Fleming shows how simple it is to embed audio and video content in InDesign CS5.5 for export to EPUB.

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