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Adobe Kuler: new and improved, and for the iPhone

What is Adobe Kuler?

Kuler is a cloud-based application for creating color themes or color palettes using an iPhone or your browser. You can search, explore, and browse thousands of color themes in the Kuler community, and be inspired to create more color themes.

I never got around to talk in detail about Kuler. And when I did, I found that my colleague Mallika has already written an excellent piece. I might as well send you over to that excellent piece.  Without much ado:

Adobe Kuler – capturing color inspiration!

I love colors and love to paint, so it’s no surprise that Adobe Kuler is my go-to app for color inspiration. Last week, Adobe announced the availability of the free Kuler iPhone app, and the new, revamped Kuler website. I’ve been playing around with the new website and the iPhone app, and I’m absolutely loving it!

Let’s do a quick tour of Adobe Kuler, its top features, and why I think every artist will enjoy Kuler.

Read on at Adobe Kuler – capturing color inspiration!

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How to simulate paper color in InDesign

When you’re designing for colored paper, you need an easy way to simulate the design.

You can change the on‑screen color of your paper. InDesign makes it easy for you to design for nonwhite paper.
The Paper color appears on‑screen only and does not affect output; it is intended only to simulate designing for colored paper.

  1. Choose Windows > Swatches.
  2. With no text or objects selected, double-click the Paper color in the Swatches panel.

    Define paper color

    Define paper color

  3. In the Swatch Options dialog box specify a color value. (Check Preview to see what it looks like), and click OK.

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