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totem-creative-cloud-80x80Sometimes, we all need some help. A little nudge in the right direction, and then we can figure things out on our own. I am compiling a list of resources here that you can look at the next time you find that you’re stuck. Do you know some more. Post a link in the comments below, and I’ll update this list.


Creative Cloud Help

Getting Started with Creative Cloud  – Your first port of call, whenever you might need some help

Creative Cloud helpful Tips — When you need a short, sweet answer

Learn Creative Cloud — Are you new to Creative Cloud? or new to an App? Learn a new app and get started

Manage your Membership — When you need help with your Creative Cloud account, payments, receipts, and all things administrative.

Creative Cloud FAQs — The really big list of FAQs that have ever been asked about the Creative Cloud.

Expert Forums — The Adobe Creative Cloud Community, including experts and Adobe staff hang out here. Join the conversation.

Contact Customer Care — Sometimes, when you just need to catch hold of someone at Adobe. It’s a wizard, so that we get a general idea about what your issue might be.


Not a Creative Cloud member yet?

Any chance that you’re not a Creative Cloud member yet? It’s easy to join.

Sign up for a free membership at and take a test drive. If you’re an existing Creative Suite customer, there might even be some introductory offers available. Check if any introductory offers are available.

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InDesign CS6 | Online Help

I thought that I’ll compile a list of all the links at one place, and also try and explain the role each page plays. If you’ve installed the CS6, then you probably know this already; not sure how helpful this will be, but here it is.

  • Launching help from InDesign open the help content in your default web browser
  • The Adobe Help Manager lets you download offline help and notifies you when updated content is available.

See What’s new with Adobe Community Help for more detailed information.

Online Help

Help Hub page

The Help Hub page is a central page that contains information about getting started with the product and where to access the help from. Most of the links in this post can be accessed through the Help Hub page. It provides a single launch point from where you can access various resources.


The Topics page is displayed when you press F1 or choose Help > Online Help.  This  page replaces the Table-of-contents page, and does away with the “Tree” navigation and multiple clicking that was necessary in the earlier versions. (If you have stubby fingers like mine, this works quite nicely on tablets and phones too)



  • All help articles are at the same level, and clubbed under Topics
  • Small chunks of content have been consolidated into larger articles so that you get the entire context in a single page.
  • Articles that fall under multiple topics, appear multiple times so that you can find content from your natural workflow
  • Not all links are displayed under each topic. To view a complete list of the articles under each topic, click the More link next to the topic heading.
  • Clicking on the InDesign Help title/link (top-left of the page) will take you one level up to the Help Hub page.

Whats new in CS6

The What’s New in InDesign CS6 page lists the new features in InDesign CS6 in one place. Provides basic information about the features and helps you find the new features in the product. We have tried to add enough information so that you don’t have to look elsewhere to get started. However, hyperlinks take you to more detailed information for complex features.

  • Clicking on the InDesign Help title/link (top-left of the page) will take you one level up to the Topics page.

Getting Started

The Getting Started page lists resources that you can use to quickly learn the product. Whether you’re completely new to InDesign or just moved to CS6, you’ll find links to videos, blog posts, help articles that will help you get started. This page is frequently updated with new information as and when it becomes available.


The CS6 PDFs are not available yet. As soon as they are available, I’ll update this post to add the links.

The Offline PDFs are now available for download.

You can also download these using the Adobe Help Manager.

See the following post by my colleague Mallika for details: 5 FAQs about offline help in CS6.

Previous versions

If you need PDFs for the previous versions, such as CS5.5/5, you can access the PDFs for the previous versions from the Archives page.

InDesign Archive

InCopy Archive


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