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InDesign CS6 and PDF Forms

Buttons and Forms Panel (Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms)

Buttons and Forms Panel (Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms)

Sample Buttons and forms

Sample Buttons and forms

The PDF Forms Song

At last year’s Pepcon
Tony Harmer did say:
Adobe, add PDF forms
to my InDesign tray.

Lo and behold!
Rejoice now hey!
Upgrade to CS6
PDF Forms at play.

Lay out your form,
add form fields and mix
from the Button and Forms library
in InDesign Cee Ess Six.

Customize the form,
as much you will,
font sizes for input fields
or a custom stroke or fill.

If default appearances please you not,
and you think they’re rather plain,
using different appearances ought
to jazz up your game.

Predefined actions for Buttons,
How well does this bode?
Clear Form, Submit, Reset:
All without writing code.

User friendly forms,
Are pretty hard to make,
Add Tool tips and Tab orders
Or the workflow just might break

Export to PDF,
And create a tagged one,
Test in Acrobat, distribute to users,
And you’re all done!

Upgrade to Cee Ess Six,
Forms and more await,
Or get a Creative Cloud subscription,
And be always up-to-date.

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