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11 Things Every Beginner Needs to Learn to Love Illustrator

11 Things Every Beginner Needs to Learn to Love Illustrator

People often find Illustrator daunting because it works a little differently from other applications. Some aren’t quite sure what it does and others have tried it and been confused by it. Adobe Certified Instructor Russell Viers believes that Illustrator doesn’t have to be scary; in fact, it can be fun. In this workshop Russell distills his vast knowledge of Illustrator into 11 simple things that open up a whole world of possibilities. Before you know it you’ll be playing around with art and logos and creating intricate designs by combining paths with the Pathfinder. The universe of Illustrator awaits you.
Russell Viers and Video2Brain have published episodes for you to see. I hope that you find them helpful.

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Do serifs, sans serifs, glyphs, ligatures, leading, tracking, kerning make any sense to you? If you’re also as confused as I am, you just reached the right place.  I have attempted to condense some of the information relating to Typography into a single page document, that can be used as a ready-reckoner for newbie Typographers. I am posting version 1.0 of this project on my blog.

The PDF file is here.

What’s even better is that I’ve even mapped these terms to the features in Adobe Illustrator, so that you can apply this information right away!

Take a print, Save the PDF, Share it with your friends. Feel free to use it whichever way you want. If this really helps you, share your experience with us.

Can you help me make this better. Let me know how. Post a comment.

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