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PDF Forms tutorial in InDesign CS6

Michael Jarott, a design intern at Adobe, has created a downloadable tutorial to show you the basics of creating PDF Forms in InDesign CS6. In this tutorial you will learn how to create forms using the new Buttons and Forms panel in InDesign CS6 and export them as Interactive PDFs to Adobe Acrobat.

The tutorial is a downloadable InDesign CS6 document that contains lessons for creating text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, signature fields, and submit buttons. Each page contains instructions and a workspace to give you hands-on experience creating forms!

To begin the tutorial, click the image below, and download the document. Open it in InDesign CS6, and follow along.


If you need additional information, refer to PDF Forms in CS6.

You’ll need InDesign CS6 to complete the tutorial. If you haven’t already, Download a trial. Incase you need them, see the instructions to install a trial.

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Making the most of PDF Forms

STC India Chapter’s Annual conference in New Delhi just concluded.

Samartha and I conducted a workshop on Acrobat forms. We discussed and demonstrated the power of Acrobat forms, and the basics of designing forms using the Acrobat  Forms editor and LiveCycle Designer that ships with Acrobat Pro.

The presentation is uploaded on on SlideShare.


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Where is the Typewriter tool in Acrobat X?

You’re used to using the Typewriter tool in earlier versions of Acrobat; and can’t find it now. Don’t worry, its still there in Adobe Acrobat X.

Choose Tools > Content > Add or Edit Text Box.

Accessing the Add or Edit Text Box tool in Acrobat X

Accessing the Add or Edit Text Box tool in Acrobat X

The Typewriter toolbar that you are familiar with displays. See Acrobat online help topic here to learn how to use the Typewriter toolbar.

{Tools | Comment | Share} are no longer menu items. They are called task buttons and are located on the top-right of the application window. When you click on these buttons, the task pane opens and display the buttons inside. The buttons are highlighted in the screenshot.


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